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Skoolie Window Capping | How to Cap Windows on a School Bus Conversion

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Capping school bus windows was a big stepping stone for our skoolie conversion! We recycled the sheet metal from the ceiling and made “pans” to cap school bus windows. This was much easier than using sheet metal and rivets to cover school bus windows from the outside of the bus. Also, we personally thought it made the skoolie feel more like a home, while keeping the shape of the windows of the school bus intact. Find out why we capped some of the school bus windows, how we capped them, and what they look like now that they are all done.


Skoolie Livin walks you through how to cap school bus windows using recycled sheet metal from your ceiling.
Skoolie Livin's how to guide on capping school bus windows
how to cap skoolie school bus windows

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