15 Worst Skoolie Mistakes

In this article, we go through our top 15 Skoolie Mistakes that we had from the day we bought our bus up to today.We are truly excited about the number of people currently entering into the Skoolie Livin community by buying a school bus and starting their conversion.We wrote this article NOT to scare you…This …

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DIY Skoolie Conversion Cost

There are numbers being thrown around for how much a school bus conversion cost to build is without anyone really taking the time to go into the details.In this article, we are going to dive deep into our skoolie build cost. We of course went beyond our original skoolie budget of $25,000. We listened to …

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Best RV Skoolie Gift Ideas

Top 10 Skoolie Gift Ideas for Skooliers I always loved Christmas growing up, gifting and receiving some of the most anticipated things of the year. But when we started the downsizing process and eventually moved into the bus, I started to enjoy asking for more practical, everyday things.We came up with 10 best gift ideas …

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What is the Best Skoolie Size for You?

Over 33,660 people as of December 21st, 2022 have taken the Skoolie Size Quiz to figure out the best skoolie size to build. We designed this quiz as we know first hand how important it is to know what the best school bus-size to buy for building a skoolie. You want to fit everything you desire into …

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DIY Skoolie Floor Plan Guide

Creating skoolie floor plans is one of the most exciting parts of a skoolie build as you get to put all your ideas together like a puzzle and design the build that fits your desired lifestyle.In this DIY skoolie floor plan guide, we walk you through the tips we have after designing hundreds of skoolie …

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What’s It Like Driving a Skoolie?

Drive a School Bus for the First Time I was pretty nervous about buying and driving a school bus for the first time.This was even after I drove a 25′ Uhaul full of all of my possessions back from California to Wisconsin (straight through the Rocky Mountains Vegas through Utah to Denver Route) after quitting my job …

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