Classified Ad Feature Request

Price Drop Your Skoolie? Add New Images?

Changing up your listing isn’t automatically notified to people browsing the Classifieds, but changes such as adding new photos or dropping the price can drive attention to your ad.

If you would like to additionally feature your skoolie again in our Sunday Skoolie Livin Post, Facebook, and/or Instagram without renewing your ad – please use this form below.

Special Note: Renewing your ad will automatically trigger it to be posted on Facebook and Instagram. We will also add renewed ads to the upcoming Skoolie Livin Post email. If you would rather renew your ad, please go to Manage Listings and click Renew on your ad.

This form is best used to specifically call out Price Drops or New Images in our communications when your ad has plenty of time left before expiring.

Classified Feature Request Form


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