1998 International 3600 Thomas Vista – Prepped build!

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Published: April 6, 2022 (2 years ago)
Vista / 3600

1998 International 3600

Thomas Vista Body
7.3L T444E Diesel
Allison AT545 Transmission
209,xxx miles
22’ bumper to bumper

2x brand new batteries purchased 5/18/22

Disc brakes
Fresh oil change.
14k OBO – No lowballers please

Located in Northeast Louisiana.

Still registered as a bus. I’ve had luck insuring it as a “work vehicle” for transporting goods and whatnot. I would go the route of registering in Vermont as motorhome. I can send links on message boards where others have had success with this.

Must have cash in hand to view/drive. You do NOT need a commercial license to operate this vehicle. It is still titled in Colorado but I will facilitate a proper transfer of title to you.


Radiator was replaced with OEM parts and coolant flushed/proper to spec. I also had the charge air controller (intercooler) pressure tested. Transmission fluid was also monitored and topped at this time as the cooler is built in to the radiator that got replaced.

I have a backup camera for it and it will be installed at time of sale.

Henry Tropicool roof coating – cleaned the roof with TSP, scotch-brite pads, and painted. I used fiber mesh tape at important seams and corners.

Acrylic medium-tinted skylight – custom welded/installed and flashed.

Heavy duty class IV 2-5/16” custom welded tow hitch that is bolted to the frame with 6x 3/4” grade 8 bolts and additional 1/2” on top (if memory serves correctly).

This bus weighs about 12,000lbs currently and could theoretically tow another 18,000. I have towed about 12,000lbs behind it and it performed well. I have also driven an intentional 3800 weighing in at 28,000lbs with the same drivetrain. Drove through the mountains of Colorado. This should tell you how much “extra” power this has.

There is a governor currently set at 60mph but this can be removed by an International service center. I don’t recommend it because with the gearing and transmission ratios that would put the rpm’s a little high for longevity sake of the engine if you were cruising at 70. They can also bump up the power from 170 to 190 or 210. (I would only want to do 190 myself). You can buy a device for about $700 to tune it with the free Servicemaxx software from International.

Custom fabricated steel door with slider glass window, commercial lockset, and Kwikset deadbolt. I can key to your liking. It’s not perfect but way better than factory door.

Stop signs, lift, original door and hardware, fiberglass insulation, ceiling metal, and all boogers removed.

Interior and exterior have been painted with Rustoleum paint. The exterior color is smoke gray, gloss black, and gloss black/white on interior surfaces. It’s easy to touch up. Bus was hand sanded and painted will rollers and cutting brushes. Just went through another round of touch ups.

There is a 12v lighting circuit I have attached multiple 12v car sockets/usb light strips to throughout.

It came from Isle of Wight county school district in 2019. Driven to Colorado, Louisiana, Colorado, and Louisiana again.

The bus is as depicted in photos. I will be doing final touch ups to the paint and whatnot but she is skinned out and ready for your buildout.

There is 2” polystyrene in the walls, ceiling, and headers with custom blocking to reduce thermal bridging with your interior fasteners, otherwise causing condensation. The floor is comprised of 3/4” foil faced polystyrene. The ceiling is Lauan attached to wood with cabinet screws, floor is sanded 1/2” plywood screwed into 1x4s with countersunk screws, and the floor has been coated with one coat of polyurethane.


The windows have been re-caulked from the outside with silicone caulk and careful attention has been paid to weather sealing the roof and doors. The roof coating alone was over $800 in materials and should last a long time, likely a decade, even in sunny arid climates. Though an additional top coat in 5-10 years would help it last even longer.

Please study up what you can on these trucks. It’s basically a 5500 or 6500 series truck on an International chassis. Great tow rig for your toys. If you would like to source a mechanic to inspect I am happy to accommodate this.


I will considered continuing the buildout to your liking with solar, plumbing, interior, roof deck etc but will require a contract and real down payment and consultation fee. I have burned over 20 hours now coordinating with people who backed out. I am a professional builder with lots of experience in the automotive and architecture/construction industries and I aim to please on commissioned work.

That being said this is an “as is” deal, she runs well and I would take it across the country if I needed to.

I can also deliver or meet halfway but will need down payment and all reasonable expenses covered prior.

There is a regional airport here, MLU. If you would like to fly in I can pick you up. I can consider providing accommodations for one night if necessary.

I can also include two of the original seats, propane oven/stove, and an assortment of original parts/paints to go with the sale.

For an additional cost I can include a small vanity, cast stone kitchen sink (corner broken, needs repair… I wanted to do a “gold leaf” glue up), German faucet, some countertop material (ikea butcher block), and some white cabinet “filler” panels. It’s enough to get started on some cabs/walls. There are also several large rolls of foil faced bubble wrap available (reflectix).


There is NO 110v power via generator or inverter(s) currently.

I have the interior hatch trim ring and it will be installed, just cleaning it currently.

On to the cons:

Rear side door is hard to close (hinges) and gaskets are tight. Back door closes well though.

New front door isn’t perfect, but it seals tight, latches well, and is heavy duty.

Sometimes the dash lights go out. Should be a minor fix under the dash but I don’t have time to address the issue immediately but I will continue looking into this. Truck runs fine when this happens.

The front plastic fender was hit at some point and a field repair was done. It’s minor and can be addressed with a little work and some new hardware. Most people won’t notice and it’s not structural/integral.




My goal is to get this into someone’s hands who can recognize the benefits of the materials I chose, and hopefully someone who can get use as a camper/rv/tiny house. I am selling because I acquired a van that better suits my needs. I do wish I could keep it but if I’m not using it there’s no point in letting it run down.

Thanks for your time and please be mindful of efforts spent communicating.

Hit me up with questions!

SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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