“Shorty the Skoolie” 2002 Chevy

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Published: September 19, 2022 (1 year ago)

Shorty the Skoolie is a very unique short bus that would fit well to the road and/or camping site……..you could even live in it.  Comes with table booth, bed, cubbards, drawers, long table, etc………..  Very unique little bus.

The mileage is right at 137,000 miles. We bought this bus from a local school a few years ago with 134,000 miles and used it occasionally to run errands in town.  So we barely used it for 3,000 miles. To make a long story short, I was pretty bored last winter and decided to make the bus into a skoolie. I spent countless hours gutting it, removed 7 windows in all and insulated the sides with R19 insulation. I did leave one side window in place, and that is where the table booth is. To the rear of that is a bench/bed………..with 2 drawers underneath. Can be used to seat 2 to 3 people and/or lay a cot or sleeping bag on and enjoy a good night sleep. On the other side, as in passenger right hand side, I built a long counter table work bench with also lots of storage underneath……………can be used to put cooking appliances on or for a little work area. It also has a nice place in the rear of that for a small fridge and maybe a small fireplace above that. It does not have a bath, shower or sink, BUT I do have a sink that goes along with it…………..you could install it where desired. Right above the driver seat, I built a medicine cabinet to store more goodies. I had a friend cut out a stencil on thin wood with the name “Shorty” and a few animal cutouts. I was gonna paint Shorty on the front top and back, but decided to let whoever will buy it finish it to their liking. I have 7 cans of spray paint that would go along with the bus.

It is a great little bus………….6.5 Chevy diesel engine with good power…………..heater and AC work well. It has 3 electric 120 volt plugins on the driver side and 2 on the other side along the work bench. Even a cool place at the rear where you could mount a TV. You would need a generator or plug it into a nearby building power outlet with an extension cord. I built a rack on the rear of the bus to mount/ carry a generator and you just plug your cord in and you have power inside. For sure not a $20,000 bus, BUT I would let it go for $4,000. It is well worth that. I started my price at $8,500…………….so I have come down to less than half of that.    Email or text me for further details.   Asking $5500 or best offer.

SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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