2004 E450 Ford Super Duty Shuttle Bus

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Published: April 15, 2022 (2 years ago)
E450 6.0 Super Duty

2004 Ford E450 6.0L Diesel. 145k miles.

As many people do when excited to start the skoolie life, our first bus turns out to not be the right bus for us. Although we just got it, we realized it’s bigger than we want for getting back into the more remote camp spots. It’s also a smidge too long for where we want to do the build out. So we are hoping to move her on to someone who’s a better fit.

The previous owners were part of a bike racing team so she had tons of decals and two vehicle wraps on her. We have removed all of those but that means she’s not very pretty at the moment.

She is currently built out as more of a minimalist party bus with a large garage in the back. Lots of storage under benches and thick, well made leather cushions all around.

She drives great. Way more maneuverable than I expected since I’d never driven a big vehicle before. She’s not winning any land speed races but then she’s a big bus. She still gets down the highway with good speed.

Measurements 25’ long bumper to bumper. 7’6” internal functional width. 6’3” tall inside. 16’ from back of driver seat to back wall. Wide front door and back door. She’s been a California bus her whole life so not a single speck of rust.

Solar setup to meet all your gaming and charging needs. 400 watts of solar, 4 x 130 amp hour batteries for house use. Many wall outlets. Powerful inverter. Big screen TV and PlayStation 2 included. Comes with heavy duty 2 bike rack for front. Super good quality Stellar PolkAudio setup.

Since we haven’t had her long we can’t vouch for her maintenance record but we did do the Carfax and it looks good. We had her checked out by a diesel mechanic before buying and again when we got her to Las Vegas. The second mechanic did find evidence of fuel getting into the coolant. He suggested it’s somewhat typical on the Ford 6.0 and likely will need to be addressed in the future but could go for a long time before becoming a problem. The mechanic fixed a cracked hose that was resulting in low turbo boost. He also checked the fuel injectors, and a couple of those have lower pressure on cold start up, but they all work after the engine warms up.

The mechanic also noted a MORryde rubber suspension part (called a sheer spring) attached to the right rear axle that will need to be replaced (especially before loading down the bus with a lot of weight). The spring is available on Amazon for $115, but it would probably be a good idea to replace both while the vehicle is jacked up or on a lift.

Otherwise, the chassis appears to be in great shape. The mechanic said he rarely sees issues with transmissions or rear-ends on these vehicles, and would expect them to last for hundreds of thousands of miles.

On the interior, one of the small sliding windows is broken and has a piece of plexiglass in it.

The automatic door mechanism is broken, but it works fine manually.

It has a heavy duty trailer hitch installed.

Tires have a lot of tread left on them and we just put two new truck batteries in.

Currently registered in South Dakota as it is much cheaper ($100 or so) and no annual smog required.

This price is quite a bit less than we paid for it but since it’s not a perfect bus and we want to be transparent we’ve priced it more accurately. Our bad for overpaying.

SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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