Ford E350 Shuttle Bus Conversion

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Published: March 23, 2022 (2 years ago)

1994 Ford E350 Goshen Shuttle Bus

Outside dimensions 22x9x8

Inside dimensions 20x8x6

100% livable and drivable

  • Three entrances: driver side, dual front right doors, back door. 8 windows, 4 on each the side.
  • Large kitchen counter space and huge 20 inch Ruvati sink, Storage space under sink and kitchen counter.
  • Comfortable couch/living area
  • Full shower stall
  • Two closet areas, plenty of Storage space
  • Raised platform with king size bed and Plenty of storage space underneath
  • Abundance of light throughout
  • Heavy Insulation throughout, works great with noise reduction and temperature regulation

75% complete, minor fixes here and there. 1) pipes needed to complete the plumbing. 2) One window needs to be fixed 12” x 6”


  1. 15 inch embedded front TV +dc battery
  2. Two huge water tanks 55 gallon and 65 gallon (brand new, never used)
  3. Full shower stall
  4. Ruvati sink 5
  5. Max air fan (Brand new never used)
  6. King size mattress included
  7. Additional safety locks for dual front right and back door
  8. New catalytic converter
  9. 4 new rear tires
  10. New battery

I have 20 photos ready to send of the inside and out. Unable to attach them to this platform as they are more than 3 MB each. I am prepared to send them via email or text, or I can send a link. Thanks!

Price negotiable, questions welcome. 

SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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