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Welcome to Our Skoolie Conversion

Hey Everyone,

We are happy you found our blog!  Let us introduce ourselves!

We are Chris & Sarah at Skoolie Livin.  A couple from Wisconsin, we felt the onset of wanderlust ever since we met.  We bought a school bus to convert into our tiny home to be free of rent, have a place we built with our own hands to call Home, and to find our way after being lost for some time.  Sarah will be writing the blog posts, while Chris is focused on the build and coming in as a guest blogger to write to you about the technical things about the bus and build.

Skoolie Livin

We want to create a community of individuals like yourself who are thinking about doing a skoolie conversion, going tiny, or just wanting to live more of a simplistic life.  We were in between building a tiny house on wheels or buying a school bus to convert into our tiny house.  Chris helped Sarah realize that a skoolie conversion allowed us to do more of what we actually wanted out of life – traveling!

Are you someone who wants more, whether it be adventure or freedom?  Someone who feels like they are on a path but it isn’t the path they wished for themselves?  Are you already in your build?  Are you going to search for a school bus for sale right after you finish this article?  Well here at Skoole Livin, you will find posts about all of that from finding our bus to what we learn in this crazy journey.

Are you ready to make a change to live life on your own terms?

Welcome to our skoolie conversion,

Skoolie Livin

Comment below and introduce yourself!  We would love to know what/who brought you here!


Welcome to Our Skoolie Conversion - Skoolie Livin
Welcome to our skoolie conversion | follow our conversion for updates on where we are in our build process and where we are going to be traveling to
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