skoolie livin school bus conversion

Hey! We're Chris & Sarah!

We are a couple from Wisconsin who decided to start Skoolie Livin, both living in a self-converted school bus full-time and this SkoolieLivin website.

Chris is from the Milwaukee, WI area and Sarah is from the Madison, WI area.

After paying $2500 / month for an apartment in Silicon Valley while Chris worked at Apple on the iPhone team and then $1300 / month in Madison for an apartment when he moved back to Wisconsin, we decided to say f*ck wasting money renting and decided to go tiny with a tiny house on wheels!

About the Skoolie

Skoolie Livin Bus 985

November 8th, 2018

Our bus is a 30′ 2000 International 3800 with a Blue Bird body. It’s a 9 window with a side door on the passenger side.

We’re rockin’ a DT466E engine and an AT545 transmission. The bus peacefully maxes out at 60 mph. Chris wants a new transmission put in, but we’ll be saving that project for another year.

We purchased the bus in November 2018 from a gentleman out in Michigan, who is a diesel mechanic by trade. He bought the school bus from Virginia Beach Public Schools and drove it back to Michigan just to find out he was not able to use a school bus to service other school buses broken down on the side of the road. So he put it up for sale on Facebook Marketplace, where we found her listed with seats and all. $4000 cash later and a 1200 mile round trip Skoolie Kitchen Design Idea drive and it was ours! If you are looking for a bus yourself, check out our guide on how to find a bus to convert.

We worked hard on the bus full time for 7 months to get the conversion Skoolie Livin Bus complete by the time our apartment lease was up in May, 2019. Chris blames missing that deadline because of doing quality work.  We moved into the bus in the midst of our conversion in June 2019.

We have done everything ourselves from demo’ing the bus to putting on the finishing touches. We also had a little help from both of our parents.

Want to know more about the bus? Read About Our Bus Here

How do we make money on the road in a skoolie?


Skoolie LivinWe started the Skoolie Livin website to document all of our research, learnings, and experiences and help others along their school bus conversion build. Our main goal was to make building, trasitioning into tiny living, and living in a skoolie easier for people like you who will be or are going through the school bus conversion process or working to make tiny living work for them. We know it is sometimes not as easy or simple as it may seem.

Through creating this resource for you, we do place Amazon Affiliate links, sponsored items, and other things across the website. This allows us to make some money from all of this time and care we put into curating information, researching, and sharing our knowledge to help people like you navigate their way through the build and into a skoolie life.

We make sure to curate only the best products and go to great lengths, including contacting companies and personally testing products, in order to make sure we are recommending the best items. Many of the products we have ourselves, too.

If for any reason you have an issue with any product or company we mentioned on our website, please contact us and let us know! We will then review the situation, including contacting the company and potentially removing the link, depending on the situation.

We appreciate your support in reading our articles. If you happen to click through a link or website banner onto another website and make a purchase, we may receive a commission from that website, including the links that go to Thank you for this support!

2.) Website Development & SEO (Chris)

Chris has been building WordPress websites and studying search engine optimization for since 2008, when he was in college. All of that knowledge has been put into this website,, which is becoming one of the largest “skoolie” and “school bus conversion” websites out there.

Along with this project, he currently works part-time with an agency out of Tampa, Florida with a very diverse portfolio of projects from SAAS companies to local service based businesses.

He also takes on clients as an SEO consulting, becoming a part of their team as the SEO Manager.

If you are interested in having Chris help you out with your website’s SEO, send him an email: [email protected] or invite him to your job on Upwork.

Chris Kochan SEO

3.) Pinterest Marketing (Sarah)

Sarah has been Pinterest Marketing since 2018, when we started Today, our Pinterest account brings in the most visitors to our website because of her!

She has grown our Pinterest account to over 400K monthly viewers and growing.

She now has several clients where she does Pinterest in the food, travel, fine jewelry, health and fitness, and other industries.

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