22 Best Skoolie Bedroom Ideas

There are numerous things to think about when building out your skoolie bedroom. How to include storage options, which way to place your bed, if you should close off the back door or not are all important decisions to think about when considering your skoolie bedroom layout. In this article, we will go through 24 different skoolie bedroom ideas to inspire your skoolie bedroom build-out.

In this article, we will go through

  • Storage Options in the Bedroom
  • Which Way to Place Your Bed
  • To Close Off the Back Door or Not

Let’s dive into each of these points a little deeper.

Storage Options In the Bedroom

Storage and shelving are very important when building out your skoolie bedroom. You will want a spot to put your phone/alarm clock, water, and anything else you may need during the night. You may need to figure out where you are going to be putting your clothes if you aren’t going to have a separate closet.

There will be a different amount of space in the bedroom based on the size bed you are going to use. For example, you can have a lot more space for storage options with a full or queen-size bed than you can with a king-size bed.

Some common storage options in the bedroom are underneath the bed, upper cabinets, open shelving, and headboard storage.

Even based on the size bed you go with, you can do all of these storage ideas mentioned above in some way.

Upper cabinets are a great bedroom storage idea for clothes if you aren’t going to have a closet in your skoolie. Open shelving can be great for books and underneath the bed storage is great for everybody. Under the bed storage is great for long-term storage items that you won’t access daily but still need them. Headboard storage is also a fun and unique way to gain more storage in the bedroom. This could include a wide array of items, like a headboard shelf, a magazine rack, the opportunities are endless here so this is a great spot to get creative!

Placement of Bed (Width-wise or Length-wise)

You can choose to place your bed width-wise (head is by the windows) or length-wise (side is by the windows). There are some pros and cons to it and you will want to be sure you really think about this decision. It also depends on if you are going to be living in the bus alone or with your significant other. Let’s go through some pros and cons of both ways to place your bed.


Placing your bed width-wise in your skoolie is beneficial in the way that it will take up less space in your floor plan than if you were to place your bed length-wise. One of the biggest cons is that if you are sleeping with your significant other, it can be hard to get in/out of bed if you don’t go to sleep/wake up at the same time without waking them up. If you have walls next to your bedroom area, placing the bed this way can offer a bit more privacy as well.


  • Saves room in floor plan


  • Can be hard to get in/out of bed if sleeping with significant other


Placing your bed length-wise has many benefits with a few downsides.

Some benefits are that you can push the bed up to the windows and build out something on the other side of the bed, such as closets or your bathroom. This is great for those with full or queen-size beds. Building your bed out this way causes you to lose some space in the length, but you could also argue that you are actually gaining space because of being able to build something right next to the bed which you could not do if you place your bed width-wise.


  • Have space to build something next to it
  • Won’t have to climb over somebody to get out of bed


  • Lose length space

Closing Off the Back Door

Another decision you will have to make when building out your skoolie bedroom is deciding to leave the back door accessible or close it off. One of the major benefits of leaving it accessible is for a secondary exit, in case anything were to happen and you aren’t able to get out of the bus through the front door. It also can bring a lot of light into your bedroom if you are to leave it accessible.

If you will be living in/traveling to colder climates, closing it off may be beneficial for you as the back door is really drafty and will let a lot of cold in causing you to heat your skoolie more and you dealing with being cold when you’re sleeping. If you plan on closing it off, consider keeping an emergency exit window or have an escape plan in place if anything were to happen.

Again, this is a pretty big decision so be sure to weigh out the pros and cons for you and how you will be using your skoolie.

Best Skoolie Bedroom Ideas

Now, let’s dive into some of the best skoolie bedroom ideas to inspire your skoolie bedroom design!

Skoolie Bedroom with Stairs & Storage Space

Skoolie Bedroom with Stairs & Storage Space
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Most times the bed in skoolies is raised up pretty high. I like how they incorporated stairs into their bedroom design. It looks like they built the stairs out with some storage as well. An open closet makes this bedroom feel really big!

Skoolie Bedroom with Overhead Cabinets

skoolie bedroom with overhead storage and custom mattress
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This skoolie bedroom idea is unique in the way that they got a custom mattress made for their space. Custom mattresses are great if you need a specific height, width, or length for your space. You can get them at an angle, like theirs, or notched out or even foldable to turn the bed into a couch. They are great ideas, especially for skoolies! All of the overhead storage in this bedroom idea is fantastic and has enough room to house a ton of clothing or other items.

Bedroom with Side Walkway

school bus bedroom with walkway
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This bedroom design caught my eye. They designed it just like a bedroom in a house with an end table and a walkway on both sides. This is a great idea to have your own space in the bedroom and you can store some of your miscellaneous items. This skoolie bedroom design idea is really dependent upon the size of your bed if you will be able to build it out like this or not.

Skoolie Bedroom Idea with Custom Headboard

Skoolie bedroom with custom headboard
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They decided to close off their back door area to make this beautiful headboard. It’s hard to decorate skoolies with limited wall space so building in some unique features like this helps make the space cozy! These guys placed their bed length-wise and built our their skoolie bathroom right next to their bed to optimize the floor plan. It works well and with the windows, it still lets in a lot of natural light!

Side Hallway Leads to Bedroom Area

side hall skoolie bedroom
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Non center aisle skoolies are far and few between. I like how the side aisle skoolies give plenty of privacy in the bedroom area.

Skoolie Bedroom Area with Skylight

skoolie bedroom area
See classified listing.

I really like this skoolie bedroom idea. There’s enough space to have all of the “bedroom essentials” like a hamper, a bench to sit at, and enough of a walkway to make the bed with ease.

Another reason why I like this bedroom area is because it actually feels like more of a bedroom area than just a spot in your skoolie with a bed, like most other skoolies you will see in this article. If you have the opportunity to push the walls back forward a bit in your bedroom area and you like more room, this would be a great skoolie bedroom idea to emulate!

Skoolie Bedroom with Built In Shelves

skoolie bedroom area with big bed
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This skoolie bedroom idea mainly consists of a giant bed, probably a king-size bed with built-in shelves near the front and the back. Having a mini-split in the bedroom area makes it very comfortable for sleeping temperature-wise. The indirect lighting from the window trim adds a nice touch of ambiance to the bedroom as well!

Open Bedroom Area with Built In Shelf

open skoolie bedroom area
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If you are converting a short bus or not looking to build any walls in your bus conversion, this could be the skoolie floor plan for you. The back bedroom area is very open with one shelf in the back. That’s probably all of the clothing storage available in this floorplan with possibly some underneath the bed.

All you really need in a bedroom is a bed, right?

Closed Off Bedroom with Accessible Back Door

Closed off skoolie bedroom area
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There is not much natural light in this skoolie bedroom since the back windows and the side windows are closed off. It’s good that they kept the back door accessible to let in natural light and for an escape in case anything were to happen.

Half Wall Skoolie Bedroom Idea

Half Wall Skoolie Bedroom Idea
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This is a very open skoolie bedroom idea. Simple yet elegant and open but closed off with the half walls. I like this design with a simple bookshelf. You can also see these owners closed off the back windows but chose to keep the back door.

Skoolie Murphy Bed Bedroom Idea

murphy skoolie bed
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This skoolie bedroom idea is actually a murphy bed so you can put away your bed everyday for more room and to have additional seating when the bed is stored away. Having a murphy bed in a skoolie is such a great idea to save space and to have additional hanging out space.

Book Shelf Bedroom Idea

skoolie bedroom idea with book shelves
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If you’re a book lover, this bedroom idea may be perfect for you! One thing most people don’t take into consideration is where they are going to store their books! They are heavy and take up a lot of room. If you don’t plan to have a designated spot for them, they can become a pain to deal with. These skoolie owners did a great job at creating a spot for their books. If you like this idea of open shelving but you don’t need that much room for your books, you could use it for everyday things or get baskets and put clothing in them.

Short Bus Skoolie Bedroom Idea

short bus bedroom design idea
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This open bedroom area really works in this short bus skoolie. The full wall with the half wall offers some privacy while still leaving the layout open. They made use of their overhead area with upper cabinets which is great to store clothes and some other items! Another thing to note in this skoolie bedroom idea is the mounted fan. These are so nice to have since you don’t have much room in a skoolie for a fan sitting on a countertop somewhere.

Bedroom Idea with Closed Back Door

bus bedroom idea with closed back and open windows
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These skoolie owners decided to close off the back door, but this bedroom area still brings in a lot of light from the windows on both of the sides of the bed.

Bus Bedroom Idea with Closet

skoolie bedroom with closet area
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These skoolie owners created this bedroom with the closet right next to it with cabinets, shelving, and a hanging rod. If you are planning on having a full or queen-size bed, there’s a perfect amount of space next to the bed to build out your closet!

Bedroom Idea with Storage & Wall

bus bedroom with storage and wall next to it
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If you are planning on placing your bed length-wise, this is a great bedroom layout to emulate. They placed upper cabinets above their bed and built out their bathroom on the other side of their bed. It’s a great way to build the back area of your skoolie!

Modern Skoolie Bedroom Idea

modern skoolie bedroom
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These skoolie owners left their AC unit in the back, it works with the way this bedroom is set up. The built-in shelf really stands out. It’s a great place to put a plant or a glass of water for the night! I like how they used blinds for privacy to block off the back door.

Skoolie Bedroom Idea with Skylights & Bathroom on Other Side

skoolie bedroom with huge skylights
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This skoolie bedroom really catches the eye! The skylights are massive which helps to open up the bedroom area and make it look big. The white ceiling also helps in making it look big!

I like how they put the bed up against the windows so that they could put the bathroom on the other side of the bed with a half wall in between the two. Placing the bed onto the side allows for many different ideas on what to do on the other side!

Bedroom Idea with TV

skoolie bedroom with TV
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If you’re looking for a skoolie bedroom idea with a TV, then this may be the setup for you! The size of this skoolie bedroom looks like a full-size bed placed length-wise with a built-in TV stand. This looks like such a cozy spot to have a movie night!

Skoolie Bedroom with Open to the Back Door

skoolie bedroom with king size
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This bed sits just off the windows on both sides leaving a nice shelf area on both sides of the bed. Having the back door accessible along with all of the windows lets a lot of natural light into this bedroom!

Bedroom Idea with Lighting & Shelves

skoolie bedroom with built in shelving
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This is a nice skoolie bedroom idea. The shelving is great for extra storage space and between the two shelves looks like an extra spot for storage that’s covered with a cushion. If you have a dog, I’m sure they would love to sit back there and look out the window!

Open Skoolie Bedroom Idea

skoolie bus bedroom with plant shelf
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The cedar ceiling really stands out in this skoolie bedroom idea. I like how they created a shelf in front of the window for somewhere to put plants. You can also see they have blinds installed in the back windows. Some type of window covering is needed for privacy at night and blinds are a good option that don’t take up a bunch of space!

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