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With over 10,000 average daily pageviews in our classifieds alone, the Skoolie Livin Classifieds is a place for people to sell a skoolie online, sell a school bus conversion online, or sell a used school bus online.

We added this feature due to the overwhelming number of people looking for school buses and skoolies for sale coming to this article: Top 5 Places To Find A Good School Bus For Sale

It has been driving an overwhelming amount of attention that we finally were able to see the scope of just how many people are looking to buy a skoolie or a school bus to convert.

With felt that we had to create a better resource than Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace for people to sell a skoolie school bus conversion online, in one place to sell a skoolie or school bus.

Why Sell on Skoolie Livin Classifieds?

  • 400,000+ Monthly Views Get in-front of the largest skoolie and school bus conversion audience.
  • No Commission or Hidden Fees Skoolie Livin does not mediate or take commission on the sale of your skoolie.
  • Feature Listing Options List as a Featured Listing to get premium placement for up to 4 weeks on the home page of Skoolie Livin Classifieds. Existing listings can upgrade to a Featured Listing at any time.
  • Self-Managed Listings Full access to manage your entire listing from your account dashboard.
  • No Email or Phone Exposed Contact form on your listing page secures your contact information and your privacy.
  • Email Back Interesting Leads Receive emails from leads directly into your email inbox and email back potential leads directly if they seem like a good potential buyer.
  • Easily Mark Listings “SOLD” With a click of a button, you can mark your listing sold, which marks your listing as sold in various places and removes the contact form off your listing to stop new leads from contacting you.

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Tips for Selling a Skoolie School Bus Conversion

1) Price Based on Value

Wether you decided to build a diy skoolie yourself, paid a school bus conversion company, or decided to buy a used skoolie for sale, you should consider the cost to make sure you recoop your investment, but then turn to value based pricing.

A skoolie price can range from a few thousand to a $75,000+, depending on the quality of craftsmanship, materials, age, and condition of the school bus itself. It is important to base your pricing off value compared to other people selling a skoolie.

There is value in having a school bus registered as an RV already. That process can be difficult for some people in states where it isn’t common to do a bus conversion into a home.  There is value in having the exterior painted, lights changed to LEDs that last years before needing attention, features built into the inside of the bus such as cabinetry or utilities.

There is also value in the hours spent doing the conversion and adding in all the features. You don’t go to a mechanic shop and just pay for parts, you pay their labor, too.

Start at a price you think is a good price based on the value. You can always drop the price, which is the next tip.

2) Do Regular, Small Price Drops

A good way to sell a school bus conversion is to have regular, planned and communicated price drops. Let people know what the starting price is, then communicate the price will drop by a certain amount at a certain time interval. There are several benefits to doing this.

  1. People want to pay less and if they like your skoolie, they will wait for a few price drops to see if they can get a better deal.
  2. They will begin to come back, looking at the price drops and begin to think – “I wonder how many other people are watching this skoolie, too?
  3. After a few price drops, you have a few people watching and getting anxious that the price is going lower and more people might be willing to buy at the lower price. This spurs alot of action by buyers to make further contact and maybe come by to see the bus in person, turning lookers into warm, potential buyers.

This method is much like what you can see on Zillow. Most of the time in a good housing market, you will only see 1-3 price drops before the house is sold. The skoolie market is hot and people are looking for skoolies for sale. You’d be surprised to see how many people visit this article on finding a school bus and skoolie for sale. It is our #1 article!

However, if you set a price and don’t budge, you’re listing will look old and stale. This will just leave buyers wondering if it is even still available or give them the idea that others aren’t interested for some reason, so there might be something wrong with it.

This leads me to the next tip…

3) Stay Active on Your Skoolie for Sale Listings

You want to make sure you let people know you have good communication and are actively looking to sell a skoolie. We highly recommend keeping your listings for selling your school bus conversion updated regularly – like once a week.

The easiest way to do this is with a statement like this:

“We have ## people interested as of (input latest update date). Please contact us immediately if you are interested, as we will accept the first signed offer with down payment that we receive. Thanks for looking!”

This will drive a few things:

  1. Social Proof: People will think – if others are interested in the skoolie you are selling, it must be a good one.
  2. Action: Even slightly interested people who are ready to act on buying a skoolie to reach out and start the discussion.

If you do not have anyone interest in the school bus conversion you are selling, you can keep a listing updated with even a last updated statement at the top of the listing like:

Last updated on XX/XX/XX

If you stay active, potential buyers will stay active, too!

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