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Top 7 Interior Skoolie Storage Ideas

One of the hardest things about building a skoolie is finding skoolie storage ideas that will work with a specific skoolie floor plan layout design. Especially if you plan on living in your school bus conversion full-time.

We have been on the hunt for better ways to create space in our skoolie by using different storage ideas to sort of “clear the clutter.”

We live and work full-time in our skoolie, so it can get really messy – fast.

Over the last two years of living in our skoolie, it’s been a really big learning experience of how valuable each square inch of our bus needs to be utilized to make this work long-term.

We have found and created some unique storage ideas for in the kitchen, closet, under bed, under couch, under desk, and other areas.

We wanted to share them with you to hopefully help out you create some storage ideas for a skoolie you might be living in currently and struggling with, or that you are currently working to build.

So, let’s dive in to clean up the clutter!

Skoolie Storage Ideas

Skoolie Bedroom Storage

Under Bed Storage

Skoolie Under Bed Storage

We decided to build some under bed storage in our skoolie.

This particular picture is from early on in our build, but it gives scale with having a 50 qt and 84 qt bin stacked under there. We can easily fit 7 of each of these bins, with more room for miscellaneous stuff.

Our under bed storage could have went back further, but the blocked off area toward the back is where we have our water tank and then additional storage that is accessed from both the wheelchair door and the rear door.

Next-to-Bed Skoolie Closets

Skoolie Closets Clothes Storage

This is a picture of our skoolie closets. We built our closets next to our queen sized bed in the back of our skoolie.

We each have one closet for hanging clothes and there are some shelves in them, too. The far back closet with the big shelf in the middles is used for extra toiletries, books, and off-season clothes. Each closet extends another 18″ down from the bottom of the opening, making them tall enough to hang clothes without an issue. They are also 24″ deep, so plenty of space for hanging clothes

We could have actually extended these down to the floor, but underneath these closets is our under bed storage which we will go onto next.

Built-in Dressers

Skoolie Dresser Cabinets

This is another one from our skoolie. We decided to build in some dressers we purchased a few years ago in California. It has been one of the best decisions we could have made.

We had thought of putting all different items in the front space under the bed, from a door to the under bed storage to a clothes washing machine. One benefit was not having to mess with building cabinets or drawers. We also now have ample dresser space for our small clothes.

Skoolie Kitchen Storage

Bungee Cord Cabinet Doors

Check out this cool idea for keeping your items on shelves while driving!

This one comes from Sina and Carstan in Germany who actually have been full-time living in a van conversion since October, 2017. They made these corner shelves in their kitchen area and then used bungee cord and eye hooks to make this neat design for doors! To do this, you can get bungee cord in 19 different colors here on Amazon.

Mason Jar Shelves

Mason jars are a classic way to store food. You need to make things are secure in a skoolie, so they don’t go flying around while you are driving down the road. These shelves look perfectly built for holding in mason jars.

Magnetic Spice Storage

I recently saw this idea for storing spices, baking ingredients, supplements, dried fruit, and other items. All you need to do is screw the plate onto the wall and the storage containers magnet to the plate. This would be perfect if you have an open wall in your skoolie kitchen to hang the plate.

I searched for awhile and found this full set of 24 magnetic top jars and stainless steel plate on Amazon that comes in three different sizes. You can also buy them separately to get different sized jars, or just buy the jars and make your own steel plate!

Kitchen Cabinets

We featured this skoolie in our list of top skoolie kitchen ideas, but it is worth another look here in the skoolie storage ideas list.

First, they went with the Avanti side by side fridge that is one of the best and largest mini fridges, just before moving up to an apartment sized fridge. Perfect for cold food storage!

Look at all the cabinets! You cannot have enough cabinets in a skoolie. Obviously, you can’t have this many kitchen cabinets in a skoolie unless you either have a full-sized bus or you turn an entire shorter bus into a kitchen.

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