Top 10 Skoolie Bathrooms

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Top Skoolie Bathroom Ideas

We went out to find what we think are the best skoolie bathroom ideas out there right now! When we were building our skoolie, we went through numerous layouts of our bathroom. We thought about…

Should we do separate shower and toilet rooms? Should we do them together? Should we have a separate sink? Will we be fine brushing our teeth in the same space where we do dishes? Is it worth the space? Where will I get ready?

There’s so many questions and things to think about.. but it’s ultimately what you want and how you want to live your life!

We hope these skoolie bathrooms give you all the inspiration you need to finally nail down your skoolie bathroom design!

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The Industrial Skoolie Bathroom

We love how the shower head in this skoolie bathroom.  We love how this shower head exposes the plumbing which gives it a modern vintage feel to it. Check out this vintage skoolie shower head here on Amazon. Bonus points, you don’t have to pay for the shower head AND the shower knobs with this shower system, which can really add up when paying for it separately!

The Quaint Skoolie Bathroom

These guys have a 40ft school bus, much bigger than ours. We love how they were able to incorporate a vanity and bathtub into their skoolie bathroom conversion. You don’t see this combo often in skoolie bathrooms!

The Classic Skoolie Bathtub

Ahh the horse trough as the bathtub in this skoolie conversion. We love the idea of this one! Chris & I were even thinking about doing this, but unfortunately, couldn’t give up enough room to have a bathtub, so we stayed put with our shower. The aesthetics in this school bus bathroom though are on point.

The Skoolie Bathroom with the Vanity

The shiplap really catches our eye in this school bus conversion bathroom. Adding the greenery makes it feel very homey. And ahh, a nice vanity to get ready at! Chris & I decided to go with just one sink in the kitchen to save room since we have a mid size bus. But I’m liking these vibes in this skoolie bus bathroom!

The White Skoolie Bathroom

There’s plenty of skoolie storage in this school bus bathroom and everything looks like it’s built in, which makes it look very clean and cohesive. We love the subway and decorative tile!

Skoolie Livin Bathroom

It’s our skoolie bathroom! We went with separate toilet and shower rooms and are so happy we did! We were able to build this nook with a shelf inside our skoolie toilet room to store the garbage can, extra garbage bags, toilet paper, spray bottles, and extra miscellaneous bathroom items! We don’t know where else we would have been able to put all this stuff!

The Eclectic School Bus Conversion Bathroom

This eclectic school bus bathroom has a bathtub and their own DIY composting toilet. Could you DIY your toilet? Chris & I had to buy ours, we wouldn’t last otherwise!

The Cozy Bus Bathroom

There is a ton of room in this bathroom. This skoolie bathroom comes from a family of 5, so it’s smart they did a toilet and shower room separately from each other. One person can be getting ready while somebody else is taking a shower.

We are eyeing up that cute macrame plant hanger! Check it out here on Amazon.

The Creative Cabin School Bus Bathroom

The Nature’s Head toilet seems to be the most popular skoolie toilet out there for bus conversions. We love ours! We love the fact that we don’t have to worry about emptying a black tank every week. If you are thinking about getting a composting toilet, you can find the Nature’s Head toilet here on Amazon.

We also can’t help but that notice that beautiful hand painted window, how crafty!

The Skoolie Wine Barrel Shower

How creative is this skoolie shower! This wine barrel shower gives this school bus bathroom a rustic feel that we are loving. What are some other creative skoolie shower ideas you have?

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