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Skoolie Livin Classifieds – Buyer FAQ

Below are the frequently asked questions from buyers trying to contact sellers about a bus or skoolie for sale.

How do I contact a seller about a bus or skoolie on the Classifieds?

In order to contact the seller, you must be logged into your account on

You can Register Here for an account.

After following the steps, you should be able to log in to your account on the website. Login Page is here.

When logged in, you will be able to see a contact form at the bottom of each classified listing. This contact form will send the seller an email with all your information, which they can then respond to you via email.

How do sellers respond to my message?

Sellers receive your messages from the contact form at the bottom of the listings directly into their email inbox. From there, sellers will have the choice to reply directly via email.

All contact from that point on is between you and the seller via email or other communication methods that work best for both of you.

How do I know if my messages are being received?

We have never had an outage of our messaging system turning messages into emails being sent directly to sellers since the classifieds started several years ago.

If we do have an outage, a banner message will display at the top of the website notifying the community of the issues we are experiencing so that everyone is aware as soon as they visit any page of our website.

Why am I not getting a response to my message to a seller?

When a message is sent to a seller using the form at the bottom of a classified, it is up to the seller’s discretion to reply to a potential buyer or not. It is important to keep your messages detailed, clear, and polite to have the best opportunity of receiving a response.

If you do not see the answer to your question here, please Contact Us.

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