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Hey! We are Chris & Sarah,

We are a couple from Wisconsin that bought a 30′ 2000 International 3800 school bus in 2018 to convert into “skoolie” – a school bus conversion tiny house on wheels.

We decided to start sharing all of our research that went into building our skoolie to create a resource for people to plan a school bus conversion, find a good bus to convert, build a skoolie, and optimize living in a skoolie.

If you are just getting started, we highly recommend starting with the posts below to get some inspiration:

If you are ready to buy a bus, make sure to check out our new Skoolie Livin Classifieds section!

Check out our Instagram @skoolielivin to see the progress from each day of our build. For more about us check out the About page.

Be sure to connect with us on your favorite platform as we finish our skoolie tiny house and set off on our adventure!

- Chris & Sarah

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Skoolie Livin™ Community

Join Over 8,000 Other Skoolie Owners & Builders

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