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Best RV Skoolie Gift Ideas

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Top 10 Skoolie Gift Ideas for Skooliers

I always loved Christmas growing up, gifting and receiving some of the most anticipated things of the year. But when we started the downsizing process and eventually moved into the bus, I started to enjoy asking for more practical, everyday things.

We came up with 10 best gift ideas for RV and skoolie owners. From experiences to things you don’t think you need before living in a skoolie full-time. Here are the best skoolie gift ideas.

This guide should definitely get you thinking about practical items to ask for for Christmas or ideas for people who are in the process of downsizing or living in an RV or skoolie! Parents of skooliers, I’m talking to you too 🙂 If you have any other ideas or there’s something you could not live in your skoolie without, please comment on this post and let us know what it is!

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Skoolie Gift Ideas

#1 - Camping Chairs

Camping chairs are just one of those things you NEED when living full-time in a skoolie or RV, so this makes a perfect skoolie gift idea! Whether it’s having a fire, hanging out with friends outside, going to the beach, or just enjoying the outdoors, camping chairs are a great skoolie gift idea. These camping chairs fold up so small, that they are the size of a water bottle when folded and it only takes 5 seconds to set up! So this will take up almost no room in a skoolie!

#2 - Goodwipes

Did you know on average Americans use 17 gallons of water per shower? In a skoolie conversion, a 50-100 gallon fresh water tank is normal. This means if we were to shower everyday, we would have to refill our water tanks every 3-5 days for one person, which is usually unrealistic unless you’re hooked up to a water source. Needless to say, Goodwipes help to keep you fresh until you are able to take your next shower! Goodwipes are an essential thing every skoolie owner needs and make for the perfect gift!

#3 - Skoolie Shop

On our shop page, you will find mugs, baseball hats, beanies, crewnecks, and sweatshirts all Skoolie-fied! Now we know practically everyone living in a skoolie is somewhat of a minimalist, you essentially have to be! We are not trying to promote unnecessary consumerism, but if you find something you need, we would be happy to send you over some goods! We both love the hats. Living in a skoolie and taking a shower every 3-4 days, sometimes your hair turns greasy. Hats are a great way to hide the greasiness while still looking good!

#4 - Hammocks

Hammocks are another great RV gift idea. This hammock can be used anywhere, all you need to do is attach them to something sturdy, like a tree or you could even attach them between your skoolie or RV to a tree if there is a spot to hang from. This hammock is very portable and folds up in a neat carrying pouch that can fit in the palm of your hand.

#5 - Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is a great skoolie gift idea! There usually are not radios built into buses so if you don’t have a Bluetooth speaker, you are kind of out of luck when traveling if you want to listen to music or a podcast. Bluetooth speakers are also great for enjoying the outdoors around your skoolie, when going for a hike, or to have a little music playing in the background while you’re working. This Bluetooth speaker is small, portable, and comes with a clip so you clip it to your backpack or jeans when out hiking! It is waterproof too so you can take it to the pool or beach.

#6 - Portable Battery Bank

This portable charger has 25,000mAh meaning it can charge a phone 4-7 times in one charge! Portable batteries are a great RV gift idea. If going off grid, portable battery chargers are great to use to charge your phone instead of charging off of your RV’s battery bank.

#7 - Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a membership that allows people traveling in skoolies/vans/RVs to have a place to stay for free at over a thousand different wineries, breweries, farms, & museums around the United States. Normally, this is an automated renewal membership, but you can gift a membership here, it’s good for 1 year, and it will not automatically renew! Finding a place to park can often be hard for full time travelers and having this membership can help a lot with planning where you’re going to park for the night.

Just know that you have to be completely self-contained, so showering and going to the bathroom is up to you and you will not have access to shore power.

#8 - Water Filtration System

We love this 11 stage reverse osmosis water filtration system! With a water filtration system, you want to make sure there are good things going back into the water, not just taking the bad stuff out of the water. This RO system does just that. The one thing we don’t like is that for every 1 gallon of purified water, it uses 1-3 gallons of “dirty” water. That is a lot of water being wasted and not to mention it could fill up the waste tanks FAST. We hooked up the water discharge from the filter to our fresh gallon tank so all that water is not being wasted! Check out this 11 stage RO system here on Amazon.


#9 - Low Watt Electric Water Kettle

We use our electric water kettle at least once a day, mainly for tea and oatmeal! This water kettle is only 820W (many electric water kettles are 1500W) so no need to worry about draining the batteries!

#10 - National Park Pass

An America the Beautiful Pass is a great gift idea for skooliers. A lot of people living in a school bus or RV have a goal of visiting every single National Park. Having a National Park pass would drastically cut their costs. One day spent in some of the most popular National Parks are about $35 per day so this pass has the potential to pay for itself after 3 days! The pass is good for 1 year from purchase month.

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