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Best RV Dash Cam for Skoolies

An RV dash cam can help with protecting your asset in case there is an accident or something else that runs comes in front of you while driving that doesn’t allow you to stop or swerve in time to prevent involving your RV in an accident. An RV dash cam can also be used happens in creating content for YouTube videos or other documentation of your travels.

In this guide, we are going to discuss RV dash cams for skoolies and why it might be a good idea to have one installed.

We were sent two different models from Nexar that we are going to review in this article while explaining the benefits of having a dashcam in a skoolie.

Short on time?

The Nexar dash cams we got are a game-changer for catching decent quality front skoolie, driver-view video of what we are seeing as we are driving. However, go with the Pro model you can also get some great interior lifestyle b-roll or reaction shots as to what is going on inside the skoolie.

best rv dash cam for skoolie

Special Note: This article does have affiliate links. If you click a link and happen to make a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for your support – this commission helps us to continue educating the skoolie community! We also received the Nexar dash cams featured in this article for free to create this dash camera content – yet we reserve the right to give an accurate user review not influenced by the product-providing company.

Skoolie RV Lifestyle Dash Cam Worth It?

Yes, having an RV lifestyle dash cam is worth it even if just for the protection and ensuring correct liability in accidents. There is an added bonus of being able to capture wide-angle video that can be used for putting together anything from a home video to share with friends to creating YouTube videos.

I wanted to start this article off with why I truly believe spending $100 – $150 on a dash cam is worth it.

1) Factual Data-Based Accident Reports

First off, with an RV dash cam you get the added protection of having caught video of any accidents in the field of video of the camera. This is one of the most widely known benefits of having a dash cam installed in an RV or any vehicle. I’m not going to go into this too much as I feel this is pretty inherent. However, I do want to point out that if you go with a Nexar dash cam with GPS like either the Beam GPS or Pro GPS, the Nexar App will provide data-backed accident reports as long as you have everything set up properly with the GPS feature and inside the App. More on this in just a bit!

2) Video for Backgrounds, Screen Savers, or Digital Picture Frames

Sarah and I love when memories pop up of highlights in our lives. From selecting one shot for our background that is a cherished memory to putting an album together to play as a screen saver or on our family’s digital picture frames. Front view of you driving through the mountains, the coast of California, the Everglades in Florida, or any one of the National Parks is some great content for computer backgrounds, screen savers, or digital picture frames.

3) YouTube Videos

We know many skoolie owners who are documenting the lifestyle and creating content out of their journey in a skoolie. If this is something you currently do or want to get into, having a quality dash cam can provide you with endless b-roll video. Like those shots of you cruising through the mountains, driving behind the wheel, etc.

Depending on how much driving you actually do, you could probably make one of those popular “caught on dash cam” videos that highlight several of the craziest things you caught on the camera. It might even go viral – depending on what you got on film!

Why We Liked Nexar’s Products – The App!

There are alot of dash cams out there. When we started to research them, we didn’t want to just get a dash cam like every other Uber driver out there looking to protect themselves and their asset. Yes, this is one of the benefits we wanted from installing a dash camera in a skoolie, but we really wanted to focus on capture video memories.

We wanted an RV dash cam to capture moments in time during our travels without having to worry about grabbing our phones.

We also wanted it to be easy to get those memories from the dash cam to our phones and computers to share it with you here on the website, as well as our family and friends back home.

We will get to the dash cams in just a minute, but first – the Nexar App!

Nexar Skoolie RV Lifestyle Dash Cam

The Nexar App Benefits include:

  • Real-Time Video Display
  • GPS Route Logging (on select models)
  • FREE Unlimited Cloud Storage Backup
  • Parking Mode (Added security by recording when parked)
  • Phone Integration to Detect Hard Braking or Accidents
  • Alerts to Allow One-Click Emergency Calling
  • Insurance Documentation of Speed, Force of Impact, & Date/Time

The Nexar app also allows you to create Clips from a long video. In a few seconds, we can trim a video clip and save it in the app. This will then save them in another area outside of the Full Drives videos. From there the Clip can be messaged as a text or email, posted to social media, or sent to your computer to integrate into a video you are creating.

If you happen to be in an accident, with one click you create an Insurance Report to be provided to an attorney or insurance agent if you happen to be involved in an accident. The Clips can also be saved to your phone’s normal video folder.

Best Skoolie Dash Cam for Insurance

Nexar Beam Skoolie RV Dash Cam

If you are just looking for a dash cam that provides all the protection and security features, including GPS and Insurance Report capabilities – go with the Nexar Beam.

The Nexar Beam features:

  • GPS Recording & Documentation
  • 1080P Full HD Video Recording
  • Micro-SD Card Internal Memory
  • Small Design / Less Windshield Space
  • Full Nexar App Functionality
  • Vivid Color Night Recording

We found the Nexar Beam GPS to be a smaller dash cam that can record great video, while not taking up much space on the windshield. Below are a few clips we took when testing out this dash cam.

Nexar Beam Video in Our Skoolie:

Best Skoolie Dash Cam for Content Creation

The Nexar Pro GPS has both interior and exterior video capturing, making it the best dash cam for content creation on road trips, for vlogging, or creating YouTube videos.

Nexar Pro GPS Review

The Nexar Pro GPS comes with all of the features of the Beam GPS, with the added benefit of full HD exterior and interior cameras that are both capable of recording in complete dark with the built-in night vision. This allows you to record the interior and exterior at the exact same time, making it perfect for catching reactions or video to turn into a timelapse as you drive from destination to destination.

For the minimal extra cost, being able to record the interior is an added bonus when using Parking Mode, as you will have a camera any potential intruders have no idea is actually on while you are away from your skoolie.

Below is a sample video of several clips using the dual-camera Nexar Pro GPS.

Nexar Pro Video in Our Skoolie:

*This article may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something we have recommended. Please check our full disclosure policy for more details. Thanks for checking out our website and for your support!

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