1997 Bluebird International 9 window gutted bus

by John DiZazzo
Published: December 26, 2023 (2 months ago)
3800 T444E DIESEL
VIN Number

Selling price OBO.  Bus is kept at a friend’s farm and needs to be moved / sold.  Diesel bus.

Transmission model unknown.  Automatic, have not noticed any slipping.

The good:

Bus runs great.  Glow plugs work, starts cold no problem even after months of siting.  Almost no rust on frame, no rust on body.  Interior & exterior lights work, cabin heat is super powerful.  Rarely run but kept with a full tank of fuel with stabilizer.  Stored on a gravel parking area.  Bus was owned by a church before me and seemed to be well cared for.

Removed all but front row of seats to easily accomidate a few non-CDL allowable passengers.  I could remove the last seats at the purchaser’s request.

The bad:

Handicap lift does not work.  I did not get into trouble shooting why but believe it is a hydraulic pump problem.  It could be removed or likely repaired.

One of the roof emergency exit brackets cracked on the interior.  It doesn’t leak at all, and I was going to replace it with an exhaust fan, so did not replace.

The bus had a solid, 98% rust free blue paint job.  I wanted to remove the church decals and get it ready to paint another color.  Unfortunately I applied the primer too late in the fall and it didn’t dry properly

The ugly:

If you are going to travel a lot, the rear tires will be replaced eventually.  No dry rot.  I’m sure recaps could be purchased for the rear tires.

No other known issues.


Please don’t hesistate to reach out to me with questions.  My priority is getting the bus sold and into the hands of someone who can put it to a good use.  I have more pictures upon request.

For a fee bus could be delivered within a reasonable driving distance.

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