2003 Ford E450

by Erin Sinclair
Published: April 19, 2024 (1 month ago)
VIN Number

Professionally converted by Chrome Yellow. She’s 22 ft long (within street parking limits) by about 9 ft wide, and can comfortably house anyone under 6 ft or so. Originally purchased from Jefferson county schools in Colorado.

There’s a refrigerator, shower, composting toilet, bed, stovetop, even a little (toaster) oven, everything you could need. It all runs off solar, there are two panels on the roof, but can be plugged in as well. The solar also charges the car batteries, and the car batteries charge the house batteries as you drive. You can also jump the car with the house batteries with one switch. There’s an inverter for when you need to plug something in, but everything that’s not plugged in (lights, fridge, water heater, fan, etc) is wired to DC so you don’t have to run the inverter if you need to save power.

She’s a diesel, and the block heater was wired to the solar as well, and you can turn it on from the inside on those cold days. A new transmission was installed in 2021, and runs like a champ. Oil changes are up to date.

There’s 100 gallons on water under the bed, which typically last me all month if I’m being conservative on the road, and about 2 weeks if I’m just using it as I would. The grey water tank is 50 gallons. The water heater runs off both solar and propane.

There’s a buddy propane heater I use when I’m on the road, and a little electric one I use when I’m plugged in. There’s an AC unit that fit’s in one of the windows. The cab AC works too, but obviously only when the engines running.

The sink is enormous. Two burner gas stove. Well insulated truck fridge with a freezer. Folding kitchen table. Lots of cabinet space, and all the knobs are the marine kind that you can push in the secure when you’re driving. The flooring is marmoleum.

The toilet is Nature’s Head. I typically have to empty it every 6 months or so, but it works really well and it’s better than having a black water tank. The shower head has a pause feature to conserve water. There’s a fan in the bathroom ceiling that’s remote controlled. It closes automatically when it rains.

The closet is a decent size.

There’s storage under the bed that can be accessed from the outside, I used it like a little garage for hoses and tools. The bed itself is an 8 inch full size foam mattress, however I did cut it back 6 inches so I could fit the bathroom in the layout. I’m 5’8″ and would sleep on it slightly diagonally and it was fine. Short people will fare well but anyone over 6 ft might be a tad tight.

There is a hitch in front for a bike rack and a hitch on the rear for hauling.

I have a reflectix window coverings with little magnets in them to keep them up. Good for the cold nights or stealth. The outside facing side is black so at night you can’t even tell if the lights are on. The curtain that divides the cab from the rest of the bus also helps keep the warmth in.

Let me know if I missed anything or if you any questions.

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