2002 E450 7.3 Super Duty Converted Shuttle Bus

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by Evan koehler
Published: May 11, 2022 (1 year ago)

Priced to sell.

I believe it is time to let this fantastic vehicle move on to someone who will use it more.
Fully converted 2002 e450 shuttle bus with full size Murphy bed. Enough power and storage to spend a solid amount of time off grid enjoying this beautiful world.
Highly sought after 7.3 power stroke with 294k miles. If cared for, and I’ve done my best, these engines can roll 1,000,000. Drove it down from Alaska in April 21. No issues. Drove it from salt lake to Dallas in Novemeber 22, no issues.
Here’s The goods… Besides the obviously incredible paint job and all the smiles, waves, and stares that you receive. It’s not exactly easy to hide.
I’ve has seasoned Van life people in $150k sprinters come inside and be amazed on the amount of livable space. The murphy bed is a game changer.
2 people and 2 dogs is easy.

-310 watt solar panel on the roof

-200 amp hours of FLA GC 12v battery storage

-40 amp mppt charge controller (has mild heat spot on housing from me being stupid and I accidentally set it next to the buddy heater for a short period of time. Not from electrical/bad wiring. Works great.

-2000 watt inverter, runs my vitamix, instapot and the 5cu ft. Chest freezer w/rain bird temp controller perfectly fine. Amazing fridge space. Batteries never low unless there’s several days of no sun but then you can just run the bus and charge them w/ alternator w/ manual switch.

– Ac power strip on counter top and 2 DC usb ports wired into the table top.

-35 gallon fresh water with a shower out the back and a big lovely deep sink inside. Does not have a water heater. But unless it’s super cold out the water feels great. I would suggest Diy’ing some kind of shower curtain rod to not have to find super isolated areas to shower. I never did because showering out in the middle of a beautiful spot is one of my favorite things.

-EDIT- Brand new Mastercraft Status tires. 1400 miles on them. listed it for sale and dropped it off at Les schwab same week.

-Brakes have 50% life left in them and are very responsive. A minor squeak is present but rotors are sound.

-5 gallon grey water under the sink which is plenty for a couple days of doing dishes. Super easy to change out.

-No toilet but there is a spot to put a composting one if you’d like. Or store a mountain bike (what I did). There is also a closet rod for hanging clothes in this space.

-Floor Mount and removable copilot seat

-Keypad equipped house door with window

-UHaul 3” hitch. Used to carry a platform and a big bike rack. No trailer light wiring.

-Bolted down safe for valuables.

-2 giant “closets” for storing adventure gear accessed outside via back exits. Water tank, pump and shower located in back closet.

– carpet and pad over laminate plank floors.

The “basics”.

I never tore the floor/walls/ceiling out to replace/ material or insulate better. The windows are all single pane and don’t provide amazing r value. Wouldn’t have made sense.  I have a fair bit of extra refletix you can cut window covers for.
-The air conditioner doesn’t work. I imagine there’s a leak in the lines somewhere but I’ve never cared to have it looked at.

-Heater works when the bus runs, a buddy heater keeps it toasty at night if it’s cool out

-Driver seat needs a seat cover

-the exterior paint could be touched up (all paint included) along with some non vital fiberglass repair/caulking. No interior leaks have been noticed. Painted with flat Behr exterior paint

The “bads” which is why the bus is priced as it is.

-There’s varying levels of rust that have been scrubbed and sprayed to some degree or another but it’s older and it has lived up north a while. So yes. There’s some surface rust. Frame and engine mounts are sound.

-The only mechanical issue is the injectors will need to be replaced at some point. ($1000-2500 estimated cost depending on how many need to be fully replaced or the old ones can be cleaned up) Once the engine is warm it has no issues starting and runs great. However, if it’s been sitting for a while or in cold weather it needs to have the block heater plugged in for 30-60 minutes to get her running. Or use starter fluid.

Completed maintenance (I have service records)-

-New tires at 293k

-New glow plugs and relay 292k

-Passed compression test 292k

-Regular oil changes every 3-4000 miles. Last one added “hot shot stiction eliminator” to help with old injectors

-New starter, water pump, t stat, coolant flush, serpentine belt and dip stick tube 291k

-New upper and lower ball joints on driver side, front and rear shocks and rear diff fluid 281k

In general this is a fantastic weekend’er Airbnb on wheels or with a couple modifications can be an excellent Livable motorhome. Ton’s of storage and space to home base for adventures.

Carfax, title, and conversion receipt in hand. State Farm presently has it insured as a motor home
Let me know if you have more questions
Looking for $8500.
Located in North Dallas.

SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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