2004 Ford Econoline E450 6 Window Off-Grid Skoolie

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Published: June 22, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Under the Hood:

  • The bus is powered by a V6 Diesel engine with 186,000 miles.
  • When I initially purchased the vehicle I had it fully serviced by a professional diesel mechanic and had the engine ‘bulletproofed’ (new fuel injectors, head studs, head gasket)
  • From the nose to the end of the back deck, the bus measures 25’.
  • This is a 6 window Collins body, which means it has extra headroom and is longer than your average mini skoolie. Most mini skoolies have between 4 & 5 windows.
    • The interior height measures over 6’ in the center and on the sides
  • The bus has a 40 gallon fuel tank.
    • I’ve consistently gotten 600 miles out of a full tank of gas.
    • The combined highway/city mileage on this rig is 13 miles per gallon.
  • The tires are all new. I purchased them 6 months ago.
    • The rear tires are all terrain and the front are highway so you’re set up nicely for both off-road and cross country driving.
  • The headlights have been upgraded to bright LEDs.
  • The stereo head unit has been upgraded to a CarPlay/Android Auto system, with a back-up camera.
  • The speakers in the bus have been upgraded to Polk.
  • There is a driver’s side door, which is a convenient and uncommon luxury in a skoolie.
  • I purchased the bus in Arizona but it’s originally from California. There is no rust.
  • The rig is currently registered as a Motorhome. Happy to talk the purchaser through that process.
  • After my recent travels, I had the bus serviced by a professional diesel mechanic and the oil was just changed. 
  • My diesel mechanic says it’s in perfect/above average condition.
  • The bus has a clean title.


About the Home Inside the Bus

Temperature Controls:

  • The walls, ceiling, and floors have all been fully insulated.
  • There is a diesel heater in the bus. It’s hooked up directly to the fuel line and draws very little fuel.
  • Each window has double layered curtains. The bamboo curtains filter the light and provide privacy and behind them are wool black out curtains that insulate the bus during cold weather. 
  • The windows have factory tints which helps to block out harsh sun and heat. 
  • The bus has a tankless on-demand hot water heater. It’s run off of propane and provides instant hot water to both the sink and shower.


  • Unlike most mini skoolies, this one has a separate shower and toilet. The shower base also serves as a bathtub.
  • The stainless shower unit includes a shower head, tub fill, and sprayer – perfect for bathing your pup.
  • There is a built-in composting toilet. It’s hooked directly to the gray water tank beneath the bus.
  • There is also a full size mirror in the bathroom.


  • The cabinets were a mid-century credenza that I purchased from an antique store in Arizona. 
  • Inside the credenza is an adaptable shelving system.
  • The countertop has a waterfall edge and is covered in Wilsonart boomerang pattern.
  • This kitchen has a large built-in sink. The faucet has a pull out sprayer and a built-in soap dispenser.
  • The two-burner propane stove has ample prep space on either side.
  • Directly next to the credenza and built beneath the countertop is a refrigerator with a separate freezer. It’s run off electric.


  • The bus has a double depth closet with hanging storage, cubbies, and a large open section.
  • The bathroom and closet share a barn-door. The door is covered in pegboard, allowing for flexible storage solutions.
  • Above the backdoor there is a built-in pantry.
  • Next to the sofa/bed is a deep, built-in storage cabinet. For your convenience, there is power for all of your electronic devices and controls for the diesel heater.

Seating and Sleeping:

  • The bed was built as a slat bed. This allows you to easily stow it away during the day, opening up the entire back section of the bus. In the evening, the bed easily pulls out and the back cushions spread out to provide a full-size bed. 
  • Perpendicular and above the full size bed, a hammock bed can be hung for a single guest. 
  • Across from the bed is a stowaway table/desk with two stackable chairs. This configuration makes working, dining, or exercising in the rig super easy.
    • I worked remotely from the bus during my travels.
  • There is a wall-mounted computer monitor that swivels over the table or can be stowed off to the side. The monitor also doubles as a television screen.
  • In between the bed and table there are two hooks mounted to the ceiling. They are perfect for hanging a hammock chair.

Water and Electric:

  • There are 2, 30 gallon water tanks (60 gallons in total). They are hidden beneath the slat bed and can be easily accessed by lifting the hinged bed.
    • Because the fresh water tanks are inside the bus, freezing water will not be an issue in cold climates.
  • The bus has an 18.5 gallon gray water tank underneath.
    • Next to the tank is a gray water hose holder that is easily accessed from outside. No storing smelly hoses inside.
  • There is a freshwater fill up / intake on the driver’s side of the bus.
  • The bus has 800 watts of solar and 2 lithium batteries, each with 100 amp hours (200 amp hours in total).
  • The bus also has a shore power hook up. There is space to mount a generator on the back deck, should you so choose. During my travels, the solar provided me with enough power that I’ve never needed the extra support of a generator.
  • 2, 20 lb propane tanks are mounted to the deck. They are connected directly to the hot water heater and stove.
  • All of the wiring is run in channels along the walls of the bus and can be easily accessed by unscrewing the floor molding.
  • PECs water pipes are run under the flooring / within the insulation so freezing pipes is not an issue.


  • There is a permanent awning spanning the full width of the passenger’s side. It’s a game changer in the desert sun and PNW rain.
  • Motion activated exterior solar lights surround the bus.
  • Above the bed and table there are two skylights trimmed in wood.
  • The backdoor is fully accessible and walks out onto deck with retractable steps to the ground.
  • I’m including a kayak that mounts above the rear deck.
  • In addition to the mid-century credenza in the kitchen, there are a number of other antique details such as a tension rod lamp, artwork, and a hand carved wooden panel.
  • I’ve also included a signal booster so you can stay connected even when cell signal is limited.
  • There is a single bike rack built inside. If you prefer, you could always weld a hitch onto the front bumper for a bike rack.

To the future skoolie owner:

Converting the bus and traveling around the country has been one of the most joyous and fulfilling experiences of my life and I want the same for you. If you’ve never owned a skoolie or motorhome, the thought of boondocking (or even camping in a campground) may feel intimidating. It is not my intention to just hand the keys over and say good luck. I will take the time to ensure the new owner feels comfortable with all the rig’s systems, including: filling up the water tanks, dumping the gray water, opening and retracting the awning, monitoring the solar, maintaining the diesel engine, winterizing the water lines, etc. I’ve held onto all the operators manuals and will hand those over with the bus as well. They are extremely handy to have.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for additional information or photos :)



SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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