2011 International 30ft High-Top Fully Off-Grid Skoolie

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Published: January 13, 2022 (2 years ago)

Awesome adventure bus with tons of unique features and custom touches.

Fully built out and offgrid.

my family of 4 could go about 2 weeks completely off-grid before we had to fill up with water.

Already titled and registered as RV.

Rare mid-sized bus with factory high top.

originally was a 48 passenger (30 ft) bus with a 6’6” interior ceiling (I’m 6’4” and can stand comfortably). The perfect size to be able to full time with a family (or extra toys) and still be able to fit into all the places a full-size couldn’t. (great turning radius and not too much swing on the back)

Selling because we have another addition to our family and thus need a bigger bus.

DT466 170XXX miles, 5 spd Allison auto transmission.

About 10 mpg, not bad for a 20k pound vehicle. 

Air brakes work great, very strong compressor and regenerate super fast, additional valves on the air tank to pump up tires or whatever else you have.

Starts right up and runs great. 

60-gallon fuel tank.

Backup camera on a switch so you can use it to see whatup behind you while driving forward (super useful when going through cities)

15k BTU AC unit roof mounted. It has an additional heating coil in the AC so it can also push out hot air too.

2’ back deck extended off of frame. It works great for carrying bikes, hanging out, and peeing out the back door at night. We fit two electric bikes + two children’s bikes on it.

55-gallon freshwater, 55-gallon greywater. 2.5-gallon electric water heater, 12V diaphragm pump. 

Custom indoor shower.

Natures Head self-contained composting toilet.

Power:Four 265 watt solar panels for a total of 1060 solar panels. The panels are currently configured in two series’d panels then parralelled- they usually put out around 70V/15A into a Victron 50/150 MPPT (with Bluetooth interface)- plenty of room for expansion.

3500 watt split phase Heart inverter/charger- really solid unit. Shore power hookup. fuses and switches to isolate the different components. 

Puts out two circuits into a twin breaker mini panel.

Also a 12v fuse block. 

Batteries are currently set up in 12v 250ah, there’s room to expand but we just never needed it.

All contained in underbody cabinets so its really quiet.

The solar panels get the batteries to a float charge everyday, 

You can see the real-time and historical data through the Victron solar controller and I’ve recorded the panels putting out 1000w, and more than 5kwh in a day.

Large refrigerator and freezer “apartment size” but the biggest fridge I’ve seen in a skoolie. PV system easily keeps everything cold/frozen and we’ve never had a problem with it. We used an electric kettle to make coffee in the mornings after a full night and the batteries kept up. We also used an Instapot all the time, charged electric bikes, internet, phones computers, drones…etc. 

120v AC power outlets everywhere- in all beds and living room/kitchen.

All lights are LED.

Cedar tongue and groove ceilings, LVT floors (waterproof), custom sunbrella cushions all around, storage everywhere. the backs of the benches all flip up to serve as extra counter space + a special slide-out table over the front stairs to make a small table.

Queen-sized bed in the back- back door open onto the deck. tons of storage under the bed.

Folddown table, AC outlet, 4 storage cabinets over bed, access to water heater/storage under the bed. 

Bunk beds with rock wall- bunk beds were build for toddler-sized bed with extended length so I could completely lay down and cuddle the kidos. LED lights in both beds + shelves.

Bottom bunk has a lot of storage underneath bed. Beds could easily be converted to extra storage/ office.

My kids got crazy good at climbing!


‘Apartment’ sized fridge and freezer- smooth finish so you can write on it with dry-erase markers, storage above fridge. Huge sink with spray faucet. We got the biggest sink we would find so the kids could take baths in it, and they did!. The side door it also in back of the sink so you can open it, take spray head out and shower off outside.

Butcher block counters all around. Built-in benches with storage. The backs of the benches all flip up to hide seatbelts and make extra counter space. Large kitchen table (because there were 4 of us and we needed to work there).

Open to talking about deliveries and happy to answer any questions.

SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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