1990 Thomas Saf-T Liner 35′ Partial Build

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View fro mkitchen
Table and chairs were removed. Available upon request for additional fee. Shown here for scale.
Bunk over diriver seats.
Removed for sale but nice for when you're stationary. It fits fine in the back for when you are moving if you want to keep it.
"Wall Dividers" to section off "rooms"
This allows for management with temperature control during coldest winter and hottest summer. There is also a cable in-between the kitchen and bedroom for the same purpose.
New fridge
Kitchen area
This is the kitchen area with table/chairs removed. The shelf above provides more storage. You can see the diesel heater controller hanging on the wall.
Small couch with storage
I chose small couch and table so we could have a mini trampoline or have space for activities in the middle of the living room. That is also why I didn't build over the wheel wells. I wanted flexibility to see how the space would be used.
Hammock anchor
The anchors expand inside the bus rib so it makes for a secures hanger even though it looks weird.
Bedroom area
Upper bunk for kids or animals, or storage. Bed comes up. I used the tie down straps and upper bunk to raise bed and access storage. The entire area under bed is storage.
Bedroom shelf
The additional curtain rod was for hanging a light-blocking curtain. I had a shelf under it w/ plants so I just kept this here.
3 hammock hangers.
Hammock shown for example (I didn't have it hanging long enough to sit in).
View from "living room"
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Published: September 23, 2021 (3 years ago)

1990 Thomas Safe-T Liner
Diesel Pusher, 103,622 mi rolled over
New Tabs
Title in hand
No major mechanical issues. Inspection report upon request
Tires good, 2 recommended to be replaced before a long trip though. Brakes good
Previous owner replaced motor to a CAT 3208 non-turbo w new Allison Transmission

Would make a great ADU or AirBnB…

I unhooked the solar panels because they needed new batteries (2, 240AH deep cycle) and expected to just redo the electrical system. I didn’t get to that. The previous owner claims there is 900W of solar on the roof with mppt charge controller. I bought this bus a year ago. The previous owner had driven the bus from the East coast and on annual road trips, so it’s supposed to be a dependable ride. I also unhooked the water storage tank the previous owner had because the pump wasn’t working and I was going to replace the water tank but didn’t get to it. It would work fine if you want to just use it. I believe it is a food-grade 50 gal drum. Separate toilet works great and doesn’t smell.

Roof rack extends the length of the bus with a mahogany roof top deck, new spare tire and a used spare on roof. storage under rooftop deck. The previous owner had a 12′ canopy up there for Burning Man and I never got to putting it up. But, the deck is really awesome. Comes w a fold-up ladder to get to top of bus.

Comes with toaster oven and 2-burner electric stove (plugs in, works great). I cook a lot and was able to cook in here easily. It was nice having 2 sinks and over-the sink storage. Plenty of storage on shelves, drawers, and on the metal shelving.

New: Galanz 7.6 cu ft. fridge ($300), excel propane water heater ($100), water filter ($30), sink hardware faucet drains and plumbing (>$120), trough bath and plumbing ($100), (3) 1200 ib capacity hammock hangers ($50), Superfast racing 8kw diesel heater ($170), Camco Rhino holding tank 21 gal ($150), Barker 4 wheel 40 gal tote-along ($252), wheel covers ($25), tabs ($250), bus batteries ($200), oil portable radiant heater ($50), kitchen over-sink storage ($120), boat ladder for loft (not installed yet, $60), screen door (not shown for side door, $20), subfloor in kitchen and vinyl ($300), refinished cherry wood in front (I know- it’s not perfect but I didn’t expect to ever sell it…), replaced Separate internal plumbing, fan and kids seat ($100), gray water plumbing for sink/bath water to enter sewer line ($??).

Built bunk over drivers seat for storage or functional place. It was taken down since the photos for the sale. Easy to screw back together. Bunk in back was for a kid but can be used for storage. Bed lifts up to access storage space under bed (not shown in photos), other storage as shown in photos. Bed is a little smaller than a queen but you could add a layer of foam over the back area near window or under closet space to expand the sleeping area. If I can find a place to store the little modular deck and stair for side-door… it will be included (I will try). I made it with free material so it isn’t built to last forever but it is nice, and modular so it is easy to move and fill the diesel heater and empty urine tank.

Everything works great on it, I just ran out of resources to keep working on it. RV cleaning brush and soap, and plenty of drinking water-grade hoses comes w bus.

$15k firm. Tools available, make offer.

SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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