2008 International Skoolie Fully Converted

by Maria or Lloyd
Published: April 16, 2024 (1 month ago)

[Updated May 1, 2024]

*Price in USD

**We can deliver the Skoolie to anywhere in the continental USA

This charming skoolie is a 2008 school bus, which was retired in 2018 after 10 years of loyal service. At 26-feet with more than 6 feet of interior height, this skoolie is a rare combo! Its small size makes it a breeze to drive and park pretty much anywhere. A standard driver’s license is all that is needed to drive the skoolie as it is registered as an RV.

The skoolie is designed to have comfortable, simple living in all 4 seasons. Whether it is hooked up at an RV park, in a friend’s driveway or completely off-grid down by the river, this skoolie can do it all. On cold winter days, the warmth and coziness of the fireplace will make staying inside more appealing than ever. In summer, simply opening the back door will make you feel a part of nature and having a drink on the roof deck will make any view even better. The skoolie comes fully furnished & decorated, 100% ready for your next adventure!


Foldable Suburban passenger jump seat + seatbelt, armrest and extra padded cushion

Air ride Driver’s seat: armrest added + seat cover

Coat racks

2 fans on each side: one original + Caframo Sirocco Fan Gimbal 7’’ -multidirectional-

Front shelf with faux plant wall

Overhead cupboard x1

Entry stair carpets


Black walnut live edge desk (3 x 1.5 ft x 2 inches thick)

2 movable seats with cushions (with storage space inside)


7.5 feet long

Black walnut countertop

Live edge rack along the back of the countertop

Black walnut fruit hanger + 3 utensil holders

Oven/two burner stove combo— Campchef C-OVEN-2 -propane-

Dometic RM8551 3-way RV fridge (with freezer compartment) -works perfectly on propane or 120V

Custom drawer for plates and pans

Overhead cupboards x2

2 water systems: fresh + drinking, separate faucets -more info in PLUMBING section

Deep stainless sink

Plates, pots + pans, utensils included in sale


Self-contained toilet: Laveo dry flush, battery operated

Very simple use – odorless, chemical and water-free

Disposable waste cartridges and vacuum sealing system

Mirror, vanity, hooks, jewelry holder, storage box

*cartridge not supplied in sale


Skylight (21×21’’)

Maxxair Maxxfan -air intake + exhaust-

8 foot shag rugs x2

32’’ deep closet with two shelves and 3 drawers


Black walnut extendable table (26 inches/47 inches extended)

Two benches with cushions -with storage space inside-

Couch/bed: Ikea Himmene -with storage space inside-

Black walnut nightstand/cabinet

Two overhead cupboards and a back shelf

Caframo Sirocco Fan Gimbal 7’’ -multidirectional-

Decorative pillows

Fireplace: Cubic Mini Wood Stove -Grizzly version-

Utensils for fireplace + stove fan included in sale

Double drawer system under the fireplace (23x22x10’’ each)


Stained and weather treated roof deck (8×8 ft)

Ladder on the back

Security: Double locks on outside of front door, single lock inside. Back door: double lock from inside.

Outside compartments (all with locks): 1 for house batteries, 1 for bus batteries, 1 for double propane tanks and hoses.

Outdoor shower system with privacy curtain.


Double layered curtains for every window, door, windshield (18): sheer layer + blackout layer

Bug screens for the back door and the 2 side emergency exit windows

Water-resistant flooring

Outlets: 7 AC 110v outlets in convenient locations

Lights: All low-watt LED lights


*Solar panels and inverter system professionally installed

Two 150-WATT solar panels

Four 6V 250 AH deep cycle batteries paired into 12V series totaling 500 Amp Hours (trojan t-105)

WattMobile MPPT Solar controller

Xantrex Freedom XC2080 2000W Inverter Charger

250AMP breaker box with 6 breakers

Separate 12V fuse panel

The bus can be plugged into normal 110AC outlets (including 30/50AMP shore power) that will give power and charge the batteries. The solar panels will also charge the batteries while off-grid.


Fresh water system

Suburban SW6DE propane & electric water heater (6 Gallons)

120 litre fresh water tank

120 litre grey water tank (both underneath the bus)

SHURFLO 4008 – Water Pump

The water tanks and water lines have been winterized with a combination of heating pads, heat cable and insulation.

The bus can also connect directly to city water inlets and outlets (bypassing tanks and pump).

Drinking water system

ONSEN 3.0 – Water Pump

36 litres (2x 5-gallon jugs under the sink) – separate pump and faucet


Two 20-pound propane tanks underneath the bus: 1 for the stove/oven, 1 for the water heater and refrigerator.


The transition between on-grid (shore power/water) and off-grid is very quick and simple. The skoolie takes about 5 minutes to connect and disconnect from shore power/water. Simply connect the water hose, connect the waste hose and plug the power cord in and you are done. Going off-grid means simply turning on the water pumps and turning the inverter/charger back on.

With sunshine and smart energy consumption we were able to travel Canada for 3 months without needing to plug into shore power. We usually can go 5 days before needing to fill our fresh water tanks and 8 days for our drinking water. Our propane tanks last about a month before needing a refill.


2008 International PB105 (CE300)

32 passenger schoolbus

26 feet long bumper to bumper

~218,000 kilometers

Engine: 7.6 litre Maxxforce DT – 255 HP – DIESEL (very desirable engine, should easily go beyond


Allison transmission

113 Liter/30 Gallon fuel tank

MILEAGE – average tank gets 380-420km (our best was 460km, worst was 330km)

8,000-lbs Front Suspension and 15,500-lbs rear suspension with IROS air option

Full power hydraulic brakes with ABS and ATC



Every brake line replaced ($4500)

New front brake rotors and pads x2 ($1200)

New front calipers x2 ($750)

New front shocks x2 ($400)

New belt tensioner and belt ($600)

New ABS system ($3200)


New parking brake module – entire parking brake system service and fix ($5500)


New DPF installed ($3300)

New front left tire ($600)


New propane tank regulator, LP regulator system serviced, passed full LP gas leak test ($375)

New 16500DC Heigh control valve ($450)

New levelling valve and rear airbags ($800)

New purge valve, air governor and air fittings ($350)

*NOTE: The bus has been parked since 2022 in a popular glamping location generating over $300/night in revenue. The bus will be professionally cleaned for the new owner.

INSULATION is the name of the game! The floor and walls contain 2-inch rigid foam board, the ceiling is insulated with Rockwool R22 COMFORTBATT. Everywhere else that didn’t have space for standard insulation has been spray-foamed to keep the right temperatures inside the bus.

The countertop, tables, and some accent pieces are made from black walnut that were felled, milled and turned into high quality pieces of furniture. Sensitive installations such as electrical and plumbing were done with the oversight of qualified professionals.

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