1991 Thomas 8.3 Cummins Rear Engine Finished Skoolie

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Published: February 17, 2022 (2 years ago)
School Bus
VIN Number

40 ft long diesel pusher

Cummins 8.3 inline 6CTA240 the “million mile motor”

Allison MTA643 transmission.

300,000 mi

Back up camera

CB radio (or maybe it’s a Ham radio?)

Custom reclaimed redwood front door with beautiful custom rusty metal handle and hinges

Beautiful reclaimed barn wood walls sort of ship-lap style in living area

Custom kitchen cabinets (upper and lower) and pantry with lots of storage. Comes with induction single burner cooktop

Gorgeous Galanz mini-fridge and matching toaster/convection oven in Aqua

Custom reclaimed wood table, seats 4 and handmade from the wood from an old bowling alley. 2 upholstered bench seats with storage under and 2 sweet swing out seats.

Couch has storage underneath half of it

Comfy Queen memory foam mattress in back bedroom (but there’s enough room for a king, I think), big storage drawer under the bed. Blackout curtains. A little storage behind the bed

Bunk beds with rv size mattresses and blackout curtains. Ample storage underneath.

Shelves and closet space in MB

Bathroom: Tiny shower. Natures Head composting toilet. Sliding pocket door that hasn’t worked once since I bought the bus lol. It’s stuck open but would be a fun opportunity to put a sliding barn door in for aesthetics and privacy. I use a curtain

Flat screen smart tv. The tv area has lots of potential building space. I was going to do a meditation space here, but my daughters toys took precedence lol  there’s lots of room to put in a wood burning stove here  

Vinyl wood floors (uninsulated or more likely, original insulation and they put the floor on top

Original metal panels and insulation on ceiling

90 gallon fresh water tank

60 gallon grey water kitchen tank

45 gallon grey water bathroom tank. (Was hooked up to rv flushable toilet but I removed the toilet and put in a Natures Head. The shower isn’t connected to the grey tank, because idk how and it was never connected since I bought the bus but it would probably be fairly easy. As it is, I just have mine draining straight into the septic)

12 gallon (I think?) horizontal propane tank

Here’s the battery info from the previous owner (idk anything about electrical, so this is just FYI lol): 2 brand new (as of when I bought it in March 2021) chassis batteries: Power Stride H8DX4. Battery bank: Lifeline GPL-8DL. Inverter: Power Bright 6000 watt (PW 6000-12)

Suburban Direct vent water heater

Artis power drive automatic water pump

Pentair Sureflo city curbside potable water entry system (2- one for tank and one for direct access)

Dometic brisk II Air A/C brand new (rarely used because it trips the inverter. I think there’s a surge protector type thing you can get that will help it not trip but I haven’t tried it, I just gave up on a/c lol)

The longest I’ve driven it at one time is probably 6 hours and she did great. She starts up right away, every time and really seems to WANT to driiiive😂

My major issue with this bus is that it’s not insulated. I live in WA and the bus is too cold for me. I’m a wimp when it comes to cold. Space heaters, socks and sweatshirts  and throw rugs help for sure tho. Reflectix or some other insulating curtains would help too. The bus has curtains and curtain rods throughout.

It needs new tires and batteries. There is NO solar, but the previous owner says the inverter is a great one and it’s ready for solar to be added. As it is, the electrical system can be over powered by appliances like burners, heaters and the toaster oven. I use an extension cord for these (plugged into shore power) Other than that, the fridge, lamp and electronic devices are fine with shore power.

There’s a few plumbing issues. The grey tank for sink water needs a new exit pipe. It got knocked off the tank and leaked all over the tank platform so that needs replacing as it warped and cracked. The shower needs to be connected to the grey tank  

She could use a new paint job, it’s flaking off a bit but there’s very little rust. I believe the bus was originally from the Southern California area.

She’s not registered as an RV

-Location: South Sound, WA (about 30 min south of Seattle)

Price: $22,000/OBO

Available: immediately!

Thanks for looking y’all!!💗

SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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