1996 Blue Bird TCFE7200s – Partial Conversion

by Katie Beccue
Published: April 13, 2024 (1 month ago)
VIN Number

Contact: [email protected]

Internal work: 

  • seats removed
  • floor painted and sealed
  • insulation installed under floors and partially on walls
  • Walls installed to section off internal space into functional areas:
    • back most area is storage room for large adventure items (built to fit bikes, kayaks, and more)
    • bed space fits queen mattress (needs new slats installed)
    • extensive closet type storage available around and above bed in addition to an actual half closet and 2 wicker dressers
    • sink and partial drain installed next to tub
    • plumbing has not been run but 2 water tanks (46 and 30 gallon) sharkbite piping, fittings, and cutter are included and ready for installation
    • small room with door for compost toilet, composting toilet separator included
    • Front half of the bus is more open kitchen and living room space
    • kitchen contains cupboard space above set of drawers with countertop space on left and kitchen sink over double door cabinet on right
    • brand new 20 in Amana gas range and oven
    • front living room area includes bench seating with storage underneath and extendable top to allow for more sleeping space, bookshelf on slider that tucks away, small flip up desk for work or meals, Grizzly Cubic Mini Woodstove with wall mount, double wall flue pipe, and stove fan (partially installed)
  • electric has not been installed
  • Front living area has a shoe cubby by the door, firewood storage over the wheel hub under the stove, and cupboard space above and to the right of the driver seat. Basically there are nooks and crannies of storage all over this place.


External work: 

  • roof has been sealed and coated multiple times with reflective coating with high UV-ray reflectance
  • windows have had old sealant stripped and recaucked (may now be time for a new seal)
  • external rails and bolts have been sealed
  • back and sides have been sealed and painted with Rust-oleum Blue (front is pending)


Some quirks: 

  • The driver’s seat foam had some issues and had to be removed. Recommend replacing the whole seat.
  • The bus is located in the southeast US, north Georgia area. Mid summer in my first year renovating it, we had a small moisture leak that resulted in a dusty mold growth inside the bus. This was remediated using Concrobium (non-toxic) and the leaks were found and sealed. Have been sure to keep damp rid buckets around to reduce moisture and there haven’t/shouldn’t be any issues.
  • The bus has been sitting for quite a while and recommend a mechanical diagnostic check before driving any distance. Recommend buyer has knowledge to get it started.


This bus was a labor of love for a young optimist that had a change of plans. I hope that with some more more work and TLC someone can it take it and turn it into the adventure vehicle it was meant to be! (Cats not included 🙂

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