2002 Thomas 37′ Saf-T-Liner 173,000 miles runs perfectly

by John
Published: March 29, 2024 (2 weeks ago)


I am drastically reducing listing price for bus because I’m moving and can’t take it with me.  Everything below should still apply including batteries and solar but 20K is rock bottom I can accept so the price is firm.  If you’ve been looking for a partial skoolie and waiting to pull the trigger this is your opportunity and you will not find a better deal.  Thanks for your interest!

I bought this bus with the full intention of creating a kick-ass zombie apocalypse transporter that was not only capable but as luxurious as a moving home that’s converted from a school bus can be.  It was designed to run completely off battery/solar power with exception of the tankless propane gas water heater.  It has 300 amp hours of electric power that is about half as much as an average single family home would use and is equipped with two 12K BTU AC/heat pump mini-splits that will ensure comfort no matter the hot or cold extremes.  It’s very off-grid capable and the volume of water storage and waste tanks will easily afford a couple weeks or more time for a couple between resupply and dumping if you’re into boondocking.  There’s also a 30 amp shoreline hookup but with the current amp-hour capacity it’s doubtful you’ll need to use it very often.

I’ve done all the work myself and I did not go cheap with materials or quality of build.   The hard stuff has been done.  What’s left can be finished in a couple months with a little motivation and effort.   But at this point I find mine lacking.

And the truth is I am one person so the logistics of moving the bus and a personal vehicle just don’t work for me so I’m putting it up for sale.  Perhaps my loss will be your dream.

This is an excellent bus! Very solid.  Cranks effortlessly and drives as well as a 37′ bus can.  It’s got plenty of power and very minimal rust throughout the underbody which is coated.

I paid $200 to have the speed limiter raised to 75 mph.   The engine and transmission are solid and ready for cross country if desired.  The batteries that came with the bus–two 12V are 2021 and never hesitate to start the motor.

The roof is raised 18″ using 18 gauge steel which is a heavier grade than that of the bus which I believe is probably 20 gauge.  Total height with solar panels is right at about 12′.  The walls and ceiling have been sprayed with 1200 board feet of Tiger Foam.  The floor is insulated with 1.5″ board styrofoam and decked with 1/2″ bowling alley lane cover composite with is darn near indestructable and has a very nice finish akin to teak flooring in a boat.  Finish floor to roof height is just over 7′ 6″ taking into account 1/2″ ceiling thickness.  The width wall to wall is just over 7′ 6″ and liveable inside length is right at 32′, not counting forward of the driver’s seat.

Includes: multiview monitor back-up camera with one camera on each side plus one rear and one front mounted camera: two new 12k Mr Cool 115V mini-split air conditioners–both bottom units installed under bus, one head unit still in the box: three new EG4 LifeP04 51K batteries and two new EG4 3K inverters–one is installed, one unopened in the box; new breaker panel with two 15 amp, four 20 amp, and one 30 amp breakers; 6 120V junction box outlets each with double USB connectivity; new Dometic porcelaine base toilet; new handheld bidet sprayer with hot/cold mixing valve kit for toilet; new 4′ x 2′ shower pan; 12 used but completely functional 240W solar panels (2880 total watts) attached to roof plus 8 additional 240W panels with original plan to attach 4/side with hydraulic lifting arms that can be folded down for travel for total of 4800 Watts; two 55 gal blue barrels installed under bus–one for gray, one for black water; one 55 gal blue barrel inside for fresh water; 3 additional free 55 gal blue barrels if desired; one new 27″ 16 gauge stainless steel sink; one new Roddex kitchen faucet; one new bathroom porcelain basin with faucet hardware; miscellaneous wiring and plumbing piping and fixtures to complete all  plumbing and wiring and all wiring is braided as called for in mobile homes (and quite expensive); outside 30 amp power outlet already wired and functional and power cord/RV outlet adapter included; new Fogatti 8L 55,000 BTU tankless gas RV water heater; new auto temp pressure relief valve for water heater; new NP Global 12V 5.5 gpm water pump; new .75L Seaflow accumulator tank; side exit door has been extended to full size; rear window completely functional; one undercarriage sliding metal storage bin 18″H x 2’W x 7’6″L.

There’s quite a bit more of incidentals but that’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

Edit: two new 2’x3′ RV sliding windows still in box

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