2009 International IC CE 200 Partial Conversion

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Published: December 30, 2022 (1 year ago)
IC CE 200

Year: 2009 International IC CE200

VIN: 4DRBUAAN09B083911

Engine: Front MaxxForce DT466

Trans: Allison 2000

Mileage: As of 12/30/2022 158,311

Exterior Length: 40’

Inside living: 31’

Height: 6’7.5” C

Width: 7’6.5”

Outside height: 10’

Engine and Transmission oil changed, all air filters replaced, brakes and tires checked through PM service at 157,xxx. Runs perfect with zero issues and no leaks. All tires are nearly new, having been covered to protect from UV damage. No rust issues inside or out other than common surface rust, easily treated. Insured and registered in Palm Beach County Florida. Will take proof of sale and funds to bank to verify and notarize for both parties.

Looking to convert a school bus into a Skoolie/Tiny Home? Here’s a golden opportunity to do just that! We have ourselves a completely gutted to the bare bottom Skoolie with every detail in mind and no expense spared upon quality and durability. Skip yourself the grueling process of removing dozens of seats with very stubborn bolts through the floor, riddled with rotting wood and industrial strength glue between rubber flooring, very intensive back breaking labor. Removing old sharp metal paneling covered in deteriorating insulation. Thousands of screws and a hundred hours of labor! Once fully gutted of all old unnecessary materials, any minor surface rust spots and holes were sanded, filled, and chemically treated with Skyco Ospho and then two coats of Rustoleum Rusty Metal Primer were applied along all interior surfaces.

Over 700 sq. ft. of Kilmat 80 mm sound deadening moisture insulation was applied extensively to every surface possible, creating a perfect impermeable barrier. Roughly 27 pieces of 20” sections of 12-gauge channel strut have been installed every 18 inches along the exterior floor in every possible location available through the right, left, and middle of the entire bus for possible storage and mounting solutions bolted with 3/8 stainless bolts washers and locking nuts.

The subfloor is then constructed of 1×4’s creating 12”x12” spaces filled with R7 rated foam board pieces with 4’x8’x3/4” sheets screwed into them creating what is knowin as a floating floor. There are zero squeaks or movement. Plans for electric to run underneath and across the floor include over 70 ft of 10/4 and 230 ft of 12/4 SOOW 600w weather and oil resistant cable. The 10/4 leading to a location for possible washer/dryer 240v and the 12/4 for the 13 outlet locations, wire and outlets already prepped.

All windows have been applied with ceramic tint and sealed along rubber stripping and window casings. Havelock Wool, which is 100% natural sheeps wool, insulation has been installed along the walls behind 2’x4’x1/2” sheets of wood.

Unneeded wiring and equipment for school bus signage has been removed from harness. All lights work. Both the front and rear doors have dual cylinder locks custom fitted allowing security locking. There has been an initial attempt at building a floor plan, one that can either be continued by you or easily removed for new ideas.

All locations of wires have been marked out to avoid damage from possible screws. A 110 gallon tank has been installed underneath the passenger front side unseen while driving.

Many extras including these and more, shark bite fittings, water pump, plex tubing, other plumbing accessories, electrical components, hot water heater, other accessories. Will also include many extras in material such as screws, bolts, washers, materials, various pieces of steel, wood, other building materials.

There are also (10) Deka Solar Photovoltaic 8G27 12v 88ah Gel batteries included, retail $300 each.


Not included with original price of bus but are also for sale: (8) Solaria PowerXT 400R-PM 400 watt solar panels. Brand new never used. The latest technology in solar panels using monocrystalline vs the traditional polycrystalline. Longer life, more efficient, better footprint. $3000 or $450 each. Will help deliver locally or you can coordinate to pay for shipping cost and/ or or pickup.


Feel free to email me for more pictures, questions, and to negotiate pricing. Thank You

SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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