2011 Chevrolet Chassis Blue Bird

by Halley Brus
Published: February 19, 2024 (2 months ago)
VIN Number

This is a 2011 Chevrolet chassis, bluebird short school bus. It’s been converted into a motorhome! It’s a complete conversion but there’s room to personalize it and really make it yours! The driver area is unfinished in terms of aesthetics but is fully functional and easily finished the way you want it.

I have a 20lb under-mount propane tank that has yet to be bolted on and hooked up with hoses etc. I also have a portable shower/water heater. Both of these items can be included with the bus purchase so you can keep on customizing it and making it even more of a road/camping warrior! Also, just bought a new battery for the bus that’ll last you a long time. Tires were replaced in 2020!

129,700 miles on it. Mechanically in great shape and have never had any issues with driving it other than needing to replace the tailpipe. Propane portable camp chef stove/oven, renogy 2000W inverter, 3 renogy 100W solar panels and MPPT, 200AH lithium ion battery, max air vent fan, cubic mini wood stove, Iceco VL45 chest refrigerator, fully functioning sink with fresh and gray water tanks/plumbing, flooring is waterproof luxury smart core vinyl. Other than the stove/oven (propane), everything is run off solar power and independent of the bus battery/electrical system. Solar and electrical wiring was professionally installed.

Bench seating with tons of storage and lots of space in kitchen cabinets, including a pull out spice rack. Refrigerator is inside kitchen cabinetry, on top of rear driver side wheel well. I have videos available of the interior, upon request. Let’s set up a viewing and a test drive, and find this bus a new home.

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