2011 International CE Boondocking ready

Drivers side
Pictured here is the large solar array and grey tank. Unlabeled on this side is the shore power inlet, the water fill and an exterior 120v outlet.
Passenger Side
Visible are the 3 custom doors on the bus, and the exterior unit of the mini split. The peeled paint from a mistake have also been fixed on the rear doors, finally warm enough!
Main View
From the front left going backwards: Electrical Cabinet (below), customizable storage space (above), Dinette, Fridge, Pocket door, Bathroom (to be customized) and queen size bed. From the front right moving backwards: 3 in 1 chair / recliner / bed, 6 1/2 foot kitchen (waiting for personal preference of induction or propane burner), double bay sink, customizable storage pantry, 32" x 32" shower, Queen bed. The 9000 BTU mini split is visible on the back wall.
6 1/2 foot kitchen, custom cabinets made of one continuous piece of plywood cut by hand, with the overhead cabinets on display as well. The dishwasher holds 6 place settings, is more water efficient than washing by hand as well.
There is space for a queen size bed in the back, with 3 feet of headroom, plenty to sit up and move about in. The recessed nooks on the back left wall hold phone chargers. Not pictured are touch button controls for the lights. The lights down the center and above the windows are on separate dimming circuits.
Most important info besides the notations on the image, is that there is space for a second battery, which would increase the storage capacity to 10 kwh, a huge amount.
The Washer / Dryer, Water heater which can be expanded if needed by preference, 100 gallon freshwater tank. The bare metal on the left by the washer is the emergency door space, picture taken from the wheel chair door angle.
Unfished Bathroom
This space for the bathroom is unfinished, many people have ideas and opinions about the bathroom, and I will make the bathroom to your requests.
Fridge / Storage
10 Cubic foot fridge, and the space highlighted on the image are places in which your preferences for storage and doors can be implemented. Large spaces, small shelving, hooks, etc. We'll make this space better fit your needs!
This space is currently left empty for your flexibilty. I will build it to reflect the storage solutions you think will work best with your lifestyle. It can be a a pantry, closet, combination, with shelves, or doors, or whatever you think will work the best, labor and materials (within reason) are included.
by Trevor Stutzman
Published: February 6, 2024 (2 weeks ago)

This is a 29’ long, 4-Season Off Grid 2011 IC CE 3000 with 150,000 miles, a 12” roof raise, sleeps 4 or 5 and seats 5, and well insulated with spray foam. The bus was designed with the goal of being able to boondock full time for as much of the year as possible, and to be repairable. It has not been lived in so far, the bus started as a custom build for a travel nurse who then later had unexpected things come up, so I let them out of the contract. I changed the plans and finished the build to sell. There are still some smaller opportunities for customization of the bus to fit your needs more precisely. If you think of any further pictures that you would like to see, reach out and ask for them! I’m happy to also give a facetime tour as you would like.

I’m open to reasonable offers, I think the bus is worth what it is listed at, but I’m willing to hear other offers or opinions about it’s worth. If you’re just browsing and just interested in knowing more, feel free to email me with any questions you might have. I’m happy to share some of the things I learned building 3 buses by now. If you’re looking for a custom bus of your own, let me know!


  • Living space description
    • 12” roof raise providing 6’10” ceiling height
    • Queen Sized Bed, 46” inches tall, 36” from mattress to ceiling. The mattress is not included due to varying personal preferences.
    • 6 ½ long kitchen, with stainless steel countertop
    • 10 Cubic Foot apartment style fridge
    • (24” x 32”) OGO Composting Toilet stall, (Waiting to be customized to personal taste)
    • 36” RecPro Dinette w/ 4 seat belts, folds into twin sized bed, sleeps 1 adult / 2 kids.
    • 3 in 1 love seat, recliner and bed, sleeps 1
    • 2’ x 2’ Pantry
    • 13” x 39” Electrical Cabinet / Entrance closet
    • Pocket door to close off shower and toilet
    • 60” wide x 16” Deep x 19” Tall cabinet at foot of the bed
    • Driver Side Cabinets (150” Long x 14” Deep x 14” Tall)
    • Passenger Side Cabinets (75” Long x 12” Deep x 14” Tall)
    • Custom Lockable Steel Entrance, WheelChair and Emergency door’s


  • Electrical and heat
    • (6) 450 watt solar panels, for 2700 watts total
    • RecPro Roof exhaust van (Rain sensing, remote, temperature sensing)
    • Victron MultiPlus-II 3000 watt inverter, 35 amp charger, with bluetooth connection
    • Victron MPPT 70 amp solar charge controller, bluetooth 
    • 5120 Wh lithium iron phosphate battery from SunGoldPower
      • 51.2 V 100 AH server rack battery
      • I can make the upgrade with a second one for you if needed
    • 8kw VEVOR Diesel heater pulling from Diesel tank
    • 9,000 BTU 23 SEER2 pioneer mini split
    • 30 Amp shore power plug
    • (7) 120v ac circuits
    • Rear view camera and passenger side camera (Screen Location optional)
    • 48v to 12v step down used for powering lights, fan, etc.
    • (4) total 12v female outlets for powering electric blankets at beds
    • (4) usb charging locations
    • All lights are dimmable
    • 2 Exterior 120v power outlets
    • 2 Exterior dimming lights on Passenger Side 


  • Plumbing System
    • Edgestar 6 place setting Dishwasher
    • Large 32 x 32 stainless steel walled shower
    • Magic Chef Ventless Washer / Dryer 
    • 100 Gallon fresh water tank inside heated space
    • 100 Gallon gray water tank, heated and partially insulated
    • Internal gray water plumbing to prevent ever freezing
    • 6 Gallon Rheem point of use water heater, (Upgradable Size)
    • Exterior Fill valve
    • Stainless steel sink


  • Roof lift and insulation
    • 6’10” ceiling height
    • 4” rigid foam board under flooring
    • 3” Closed Cell Spray foam in the walls and ceiling
    • 7 RV openable windows 
    • Vinyl sheet flooring


  • Garage Dimensions and Details
    • 50” Front to Back, 60” Side to Side
    • Rear Door, (36” Wide x 28” tall)
    • Side Door, (40” Wide x 36” tall)
    • The Washer / Dryer is accessed from the rear emergency door, you don’t have to crawl to access it like some people have asked.


  • Bus Condition
    • The Bus had some surface rust when purchased, but minor. It was professionally cleaned and then sprayed with a protective undercoating.
    • Mechanically the bus works well, starts up well, and gets 10 MPG, with nice cruise control and good power. It has a DT466E.
    • The tires are less than 10 years old, and will unfortunately likely need to be replaced relatively soon. 
    • I’m currently working on getting the bus retitled as an RV, it will by the time you would be ready to take possession.



  • There are several locations that are still open or undone for the purpose of providing some customization to the bus in order to best fit your needs. They include the following:
    • For no extra price:
      • The space above the electrical Cabinet
      • Choice of a Propane or Induction cooktop in the kitchen countertop
      • Space over and to the right of the fridge
      • Design of the panty / storage space opposite of the fridge
      • Design and door of the the bathroom stall holding the composting toilet
    • For price of Materials:
      • Addition of another Battery in the Electrical Cabinet
      • Upgrading size of the water heater
      • Adding a towing receiver
      • Other customizations are possible, depending on your ideas! 


Solar Production Summary – 

Understanding the amount of solar power this will produce and if it will be enough for your planned lifestyle is a very difficult question to answer. If you’re traveling north and south with the weather and give some thought to your energy usage, I would expect no issues for the majority of the year. It, like any other setup, would require a generator or a shore power plug on occasion for snow storms or staying somewhere very cloudy. If you have questions about how well the solar panels would enable your ideas, feel free to email. 


Heating Energy usage – 

The Mini Split’s heating performance offers a Coefficient of Performance of on average 3.5. This means for every kw of energy given to the system it can generally offer 3.5 kw of heat into your space. This is much more efficient than a typical air conditioner, and provides a very quiet and efficient way to heat your space. Recently, on a cold (25 degree) northern indiana day, the unit consumed about 5 Kwh of electricity, the full battery to keep it 70 degree’s inside. This was also without anyone inside to heat it with their normal activities and bodies, which would help considerably. 

The Cooling COP is 4.5, and less of a concern energy usage wise because of the fact that when it’s hot outside, there is likely more solar power too, and the bus should have no trouble keeping cool on hot sunny days. 



  • Looking for a cash offer, but am willing to consider Seller Financing depending on the circumstance, but I would still be looking for a large down payment, at least half the value of the bus. 



  • I can Deliver the bus to anywhere necessary in the US, for the total price of the trip, (fuel, trip home, food, etc), and with a Deposit. 


Distance bumper to Bumper – 29 feet

Bumper to Mini Split – 31 feet

Wheel base length – 21 feet

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