2014 Bluebird Partial Conversion

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by James Ingersoll
Published: February 17, 2023 (1 year ago)
3/4 length 31 ft

2014 Bluebird

  • 61,000 miles
  • 6.7 Cummins Diesel with Alison Transmission not sure of the specific series number. Will do 70 mph on the interstate
  • 31’ long 34’ with back deck. (Will fit into national park campgrounds) Thats a big reason I bought this size bus.
  • About 75% converted. Only lack hooking up the water system, propane, and kitchen countertop
  • New 200 amp hour house battery (battery kill switch in bus)
  • 3 new cranking batteries
  • brand new 3 way refrigerator not hooked up yet
  • Dometic AC (like new)
  • All good tires
  • Cruise control
  • power door
  • Backup camera (will stay on while driving to have full view behind you)
  • tv/dvd in bedroom
  • New stereo head unit with dvd, cd, usb, etc
  • wired for tv and ready to mount above driver
  • pivoting/sliding passenger seat.
  • Pivoting tables (two)
  • whole bus fan above bed
  • Tile shower and new dry flush toilet
  • New queen mattress (used half a dozen times)
  • Bedside lights with usb chargers for phones etc
  • couch platform folds over to sleeping platform (can still walk past to exit bus when in bed mode)
  • Loads of storage
  • Microwave (used half a dozen times)
  • sink temporarily installed but not connected yet
  • 12’ deck on top of bus (Trex Decking)
  • 40” deck on back (Trex Decking)
  • Two grey water tanks (mounted but not yet connected)
  • 110/12v power systems (work great)
  • All new bus exhaust system on bus
  • All new brake lines
  • lots of extras already purchased (50 gallon fresh water tank, on demand hot water heater, 3 way fridge, microwave, hoses, power cords, connectors etc etc)
  • Yancy truck/bus mechanics say this is the best engine/transmission you can get on this bus.
  • Only problem I know of is a slow drip of coolant from head on the top of DEF tank.
  • Wheelchair lift isn’t working right now. Not sure why. I haven’t used it much. Could just be a burned out fuse.
  • Engine light is on due to emissions valve getting a “little gummy” is what Yancy mechanics tell. They say the sensor is very sensitive and not something to worry about.
  • We haven’t used the bus enough and I have to get a hip replacement. It has become very painful to work on the bus the last few months. I hate to sell it but its what I need to do.
  • I hope the person that buys it plans to finish it and put their own unique touches on it and gets many years of good use out of it.
SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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