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  • Description: Max of 4,000 characters. This is a lot, but if you run out of space email us and we’ll help get the rest of the info in there.
  • Approval Required: All listings will be reviewed within 24 hours. If it is a school bus or a skoolie and all the basic info for potential buyers is in there, it’ll get approved!

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Listing Information
Featured Business Listing
Visible 120 days Featured
Bus dealers, conversion companies, and other businesses listing a bus or skoolie on Skoolie Livin Classifieds. Your bus will be in a Top Featured spot.
New Featured Ad (Private Party Only)
Visible 120 days Featured
Private Party ONLY. Be featured at the top of listings for 30 days to increase visibility!
Basic Business Listing
Visible 365 days
For bus dealers and conversion companies, list a school bus for sale as a basic ad listing for 1 year.
Free Basic Ad (Private Party Only)
Visible 365 days
Private Party ONLY. Mark it sold when sold. Option to renew for another 365 days if it doesn't sell!