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How to Skoolie Resources

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Pitch It Perfect

by Julie Solomon

A great course we took with resources, clear strategy, and many real examples of message threads you can read through on how people landed brand deals for free products to making a full-time income.

Blogging & YouTube

Project 24

by Income School

This is the most comprehensive course we have found that gives a clear strategy for making a full-time income from a blog or YouTube – they have thousands of people that have gone through their course with results to prove it. The nice thing is they gamified the process, so you can easily track your progress and earn badges within the community as you begin to see results.

Highly recommended for beginners with a will to build something but don’t know how – to those already making an income from their blog or YouTube channel.

View Project 24

Incoming Water Filter

Onboard Potable Water Filter

EXPRESS WATER 11 Stage UV Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

*Note – make sure to pipe the filter waste water back into your fresh water tank as this is water that goes through the first 3 stages of the filter and is still good water that can be used for washing hands, dishes, or re-filtering for drinking. If you run this into your grey tank, it will waste a lot of water and fill up your grey tank extremely fast.

Supporting Content

Coming Soon!

Wifi Signal Boosters

CC Vector Extended Long Range WiFi Receiver System

Ideal Situation: Parked

Semi-aggressive option. The average effective range of this unit is about 1/2 mile away but can be up to 3 miles range if there are no obstructions. Will most likely need to take it down while driving, so might be ideal for semi-permanent parking situations where wifi is at the main house.

ALFA Network WiFi CampPro 2

Ideal Situation: Mobile

It can sometimes be impossible to get internet from another building. The average range on this unit will most likely be about 1/4 mile or less, but this would work for parking near a clubhouse or business with wifi to get internet inside the bus.

Cell Phone Signal Extenders

weBoost Drive Reach OTR

Ideal Situation: Parked / Mobile

This is the most popular option for those both parked in more remote areas and for those who travel that need a solid connection. We have several friends with this model and they have been very happy with it. Almost no complaints aside from when they are far outside of their cell phone network, then things can get spotty.

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