48V system! Best layout!

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by Jennifer Carrero
Published: April 12, 2023 (11 months ago)

I had it listed for 47k had tons of interest but apparently saving it for one person is a bad idea while turning down others. So now it’s first come gets it. No buyers seem to be able to fly out to California & in the meantime I NEED to MOVE. Or I’m going to find myself without a fiancé. So I’m selling it half price! Money is just money, nothing can replace my relationship.

23 Ft long. Perfect for maneuvering and easy parking in cities even. Back up camera

6 brand new tires (over $5,000) new alternator, parking brake, new starter, new ignition, new brake lines , new headlights, 2 new batteries, new coolant hose, some new wiring & all new fuses. New air ride drivers seat from a semi truck. Over $9,800 worth of new parts and mechanic labor.

The closet will have a sliding barn door that closes off the shower & toilet to give privacy. There is an entire wall pull out pantry between the shower and closet. It also gives the bed some privacy. There are hidden compartments all over! There is a kick board drawer under the kitchen counter. This thing has so many cool features. The layout allows for maximum space utilized!

The bus comes with a log of all the money spent & many reciepts! I wanted to document it.

I am moving overseas to a sailboat! I would ideally love to sell it to someone with a possibility to have the option to buy back in a few years after my sailing expedition. But it’s not a deal breaker.

It has a 75 gallon grey water tank and 100 gallon water tank.
The solar system alone cost me $7,000 (not counting labor to install it) 48 Volt full solar system, lithium ion battery , plus inverter, and charge controller,surge protector and all the other stuff all built in. 3 panels 370 watts each. I have 3 more free standing you could install if you wish to buy them separate to add that would be  2,220 watts total.  But honestly I bought too many! This 48 V system was powering my ex’s entire house with 4 people living in it! Up north in winter with little sun! It ran everything no problems! We had the microwave and tv and stove going all at once… this battery just stores power amazing!  You can run an AC off it in the heat of the day. It’s phenomenal.
The toilet is from Sweden it was $1,200 and is the top of the line. Best on the market. The bags hold several days worth of waste and can be buried in a deep hole, or disposed of in any garbage (just like we dispose diapers) legally. The urine is separated into a sealed portable bucket. It has an indicator that lights up when full and vents to the outside… it can also be converted to a grey water tank easily. There’s a $30 kit to convert it. I empty it At any rest stop in the toilet & flush. It’s super inconspicuous!

The engine is a desiel so it gets better miles per gallon  than the same bus in gas. It’s also a tank! These things can get upwards of 600k miles!
The mini fridge has both a freezer and a fridge and takes so little power! The windows are all tinted extra so that it doesn’t get so hot in the summer. I cool the bus with a window AC unit. For sale separately. It runs FULLY off SOLAR, it’s amazing! I heat the bus with a propane portable heater that is not included, you can’t buy one at Costco for $60. It heats up super fast and only lowest setting is needed.  The stove also is a propane/gas stove.

Sleeps 4. The bed & couch fold out into a queen.   The couch also converts to different shapes… L shapes on both sides and the middle can come out even. I want to add a fold up table in the middle section to allow 6 people to eat or any other activity.

hookups for shore power & water & grey water emptying capacities. You can also legally just empty the grey water on your own land or on side of the road somewhere since it’s not from the toilet & only from shower and sink so I leave it open!

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