1996 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Fully Converted Skoolie

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Published: March 30, 2022 (2 years ago)
7.3 Power Stroke

I am selling my fully converted 5 window schoolie (21 ft long) to help pay my student debt. I have owned this bus for 3 years and it has taken me all over the US with no issues!

The bus is self-converted (with the help of my carpenter family members) and is a 1996 Ford Short Bus and has 110 k mikes on it. I have made this space my own and it has a lot of uniqueness. It is a finished conversion and is ready for a comfortable move in, still there is a lot of room for making this bus uniquely yours.

General info:

• The biggest size rig you can get that still fits into a regular parking spot
• Fully insulated, floor, walls , ceiling (I lived in it during the winter in Montana)
• Large woodburning stove installed according to US regulations
• Easy to use electrical system with option of solar, shore power or battery
• LOTS of storage
Kitchen with big sink and running water
• 1 year old 120 V fridge and freezer
• Two burner propane stovetop with safety valves and propane tank mount on outside of bus
• Gas alarm
• Full sized bed
Couch pulls out to be a bed
• 2 zones with dimming dome lights
• Reading lights
• Vinyl flooring that can withstand wet gear brought inside
• Ladder to the roof
• Electrical outlets on outside of bus so there is great potential for creating an outdoor space. I dreamt of an awning
and permanent light fixtures but never got that far.
• Heavy duty tires. I have never gotten stuck with this bus, and I have taken it down some sketchy roads! Snow, sand,
• Legal and safe seating for 3 people including driver. There is more seating but not with seatbelts.
• Bluetooth radio with large speakers installed up front
• Reflectix window coverings for windows
• Two skylight vents
• I have pictures of the build process for reference

• Registered as a Motor Home and very easy to insure
• Converted buses do not qualify for loans so you will need to be ready for cash purchase

Electric information:
• 110V and 12V outlets trough out the bus
• 3 x 100W Renogy solar panels
• 30A Renogy 12V/24V MPPT Solar Charge controller
• 30 amp 110V automatic transfer switch from Go Power
• 3 x Bayite battery monitors
• 110V AC to 12V DC 100amp power converter with built in 4-stage smart battery charger from Power Max
• 1000W 12V DC to 110V AC power converter
• 8x110V 20amp circuit breakers in separate cabinet
• 12V circuit breaker panel
• 3 x 100Ah utility batteries
• 2 x starter batteries
• Splitter so that utility and starter batteries are on separate circuits, but both are charged when driving
• 50 feet 110V 20amp heavy duty cable for domestic hook-up
• Prepared for roof AC
• Prepared for satellite antenna and 2 coaxial outlets (one outside)

I had a lot of mechanic work done last summer as a precaution since I was sending my little sister off on a solo adventure in the bus.

Mechanical info:
• This bus has lived most of its life in a school district in Arizona. Fleet maintained, no rust, no water damage
• Brand new heating block installed on engine for cold winter mornings
• New starter motor
• Two brand new deep cycle (starter) batteries
• New fuel filter
• New glow plugs and glow plug relay
• New Oil Filter
• Fully rebuilt front end
• Last alignment and tire rotation was April 2021
• New fuel pump + filters
• New exhaust gaskets
• Top pedestal gaskets
• All injector regulator sensors have been replaced
• Last oil change was 2 k miles ago

• By being built on a Ford Truck Chassis it offers a lot of benefits. Parts can be bought at any auto parts store. Any
mechanic that works on Ford Trucks can work on these.

• This is the 7.3 Powerstroke Diesel motor proven to go 500k to 1M miles. So the 110k on the clock shouldn’t scare
anyone as this bus is just broke in and ready to take someone lots of miles providing lots of adventures.

This bus is move in and road trip ready. I live in Missoula, Montana but am willing to deliver or meet halfway (depending on distance) for the right buyer. I am asking 35 k based on what the bus body is worth, what it cost to build with all its specs and what my labor is worth. There is wiggle room on the price if you are a serious buyer and the sale happens quickly. Storing the bus is not easy for me so I am looking to sell as soon as possible.

The current exterior paintjob is personal to me, and I know that it will not be suitable for all. I can paint the bus in the color the buyer wishes for a convenience fee.


SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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