2010 off grid international IC bus

by jason dalton
Published: July 24, 2023 (2 months ago)

Luxury off grid Milk money is up for sale 

Since most websites do not allow more than 10 pictures I have added a link so you can see more. I have added some of the build pictures in as well. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PDBt1-zFya-doeOLrVL2WUXb3icu6RB-?usp=drive_link

We purchased this bus from Colorado in the early years of Covid. We stripped the interior down to the metal bones and rebuilt everything. All windows were removed and resealed on installation.

All bare metal was painted with steel anti-rust paint. all interior including walls floors and ceilings were covered in dynamat sound proofing. floors, walls and ceilings have 1″ insulation as well as 1/4″ bubble insulation.

I will try and list everything we have done below but I’m sure I’m missing a lot. This is registered in California as an RV and is insured as such as well which is not easy to do.

All tires are in great shape with the front being new with about 1000 miles on them. We have taken this skoolie all over the western states with 0 issues at all. Bus will maintain freeway speeds even towing. We have towed 1/2 ton trucks as well as cargo trailers as you will see in the pictures without any issues.

We are not in a rush to sell the bus, however we are starting our new build so it’s time to sell milk money.  Would love for it to go to the right family. We have spent a lot of time and money building this luxury Skoolie and have had a ton of fun rv’ing in it.

So below is what I can remember at this time but feel free to ask any questions. We have all paperwork to prove what has been done to the bus, this will be provided to whomever purchases Milk Money for their records 

– Blackout blinds on every window less the front window and door 

-First Alert Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

-propane detector

-Dynamat Sound Deadener through the entire ceiling, floors and walls, inducing the hood and engine compartment. Engine insulation installed on firewall between engine and inside of bus

-City water flange for water hook ups

-Outdoor 120v weatherproof electrical outlet

-Exterior cable jack for cable hook ups

-Powermax AC to DC power converter with built in 4 stage smart battery charger

-Matte Black water filtration faucet. Hooked up to a separate 20 gallon drinking water tank

-RV gravity water fill dish to fill the 100 gallon fresh water tank as well as the 20 Gallon fresh drinking water tank

-40 gallon black waste holding tank tank. 

-30 gallon galley (kitchen sink ) grey holding tank with trickle drip ability

-30 gallon shower grey holding tank with trickle drip ability

-20 gallon fresh drinking water tank

-100 gallon fresh water tank

-Miracle Probe sensors fresh water and holding tank probes on each of the tanks listed above (every single tank). Includes the sensor monitor panel to check the level of each of them.

-plumber installed Pex piping ran throughout for hot and cold water lines

-plumber installed gas lines for stove, heater and outdoor lines. Outdoor gas line for accessories

-Six lap seat belts. 3 on each couch sitting area

-9 black aluminum drink cup holders placed throughout

-USB smart charging ports with LED indicator lights placed throughout

-Blue LED lighting throughout and into the bedroom for ambient lighting, ( above driver bench, above kitchen, above dash and in bedroom)

-2 x JBL 12” subwoofers for superior sound ( below driver side couch ) ( separate volume control under dash and separate amplifier ) 

-Roller catch cabinet latches for all cabinet doors

-Black Matte cabinet pulls for a modern look

-2-JBL 3 1/2” Loudspeakers for superior sound ( above dash )

-2-JBL 6” inch loudspeakers ( above dash )

2-JBL 6×9” loudspeakers ( above driver couch ) 

-Kenwood 6.5” 2-way Marine speakers for premium outside music

-24” Smart TV on a full articulating and tilting wall mount ( bedroom )

-Fantastic brand roof vent Fans with 3 speed options for maximum ventilation, installed in the shower, the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom 

-32” smart TV with full articulation and tilting wall mount ( living area ) 

-Furrion Entertainment system controller with multiple inputs and 3 zone music control to isolate indoor an outdoor music

-Custom made metal propane cabinet on a swivel mount to be able to open the back bus door. This custom metal cabinet holds 2 – 30 lb propane tanks

-custom metal tile backsplash in the kitchen, the living quarters and the bathroom

-heavy sateen black out shower curtain panels with waterproof liner

-Suburban 10 Gallon electric water heater with direct spark ignition ( runs on 12v and 115V )

-3 x Renogy 12 Volt, 200 Amp Hour off grid batteries ( 600 amp hours total )

-3 x 13” 6000 lumen high output, low draw outdoor light ( flood lights )

-1 x 5” 6000 lumen high output low draw porch light

-Nilight on/off toggle switches with blue LED glow for all of the light, etc. switches

-Butcher block counter tops throughout 

-Exterior shower box with hot and cold water

-Premium 10” memory foam queen size mattress in the bedroom 

-6x Renogy 100 watt 12 volt solar panels for full off grid capabilities (600 watt total )

-Norcold 8 cubic foot 3 Way refrigerator/freezer. Large size refrigerator and freezer to hold weeks of food while off grid. The 3 way capability allows you to run it on battery power ( runs off of alternator motor power while driving )as well as propane and of course shore power. This fridge is amazing an keeps the food nice and cold no matter which power selection you are on.

-Full towing capability from cargo trailers, to boats and full size trucks

-Xantrex power inverter to toggle between bus and shore power ( automatic )

-Dometic Brisk Air II 15K Btu Airconditioner. Can run off 115v shore/ generator power 

-SHURflo accumulator tank to save your water pump from burning out

SHURflo strainer which attaches to the water pump to ensure no big particles of sediment are sucked through your water pump

-SHURflo fresh water pump, 12 v, 3.5 GPM, 45 PSI 

– all above SHURflo are for the 100 gallon tank as well as the 20 gallon drinking water tank 

-Both Couches flip up into two twin size beds with custom made cushions that slide down into place. The bed are held up by 3 x 300 lb. Hinges for ultimate strength.

-The couch cushions which double as the bed cushion are custom tailored made from 4” foam and marine grade textured black leather. So they are incredibly durable and water resistant. They also have zippers on them in case the cushions need to be replaced at one point.

-Suburban Furnace for the heater ( propane )

-recessed LED lighting throughout

-roof mounted amplified antenna

-Suburban 3 burner gas stovetop range with attached oven, gloss black with Piezo ignition

-Kraus 24” Black onyx granite sink. This sink will not stain or burn, and is very large. Extremely functional for all uses.

-Kitchen Faucet- Matte Back pull down gooseneck faucet with a sprayer

-Dometic 320 toilet with the elongated deep ceramic bowl an enameled wood seat

-Custom made steel jump seat for passenger seating with black leather back and bottom cushions.

-30/50amp shore power connection 

-automatic shore to battery switch 

shore water connection 

Shore cable tv connection

New front tires 

Back tires in great condition with almost full tread 

Maxxforce DT466E diesel motor ( million mile motor if taken care of ).

New fuel pump/filter housing

New fuel filter

Just had all fuel lines cleaned 

Just had fuel tank cleaned 

New water pump 

New oil change and filter 


2 ac units while driving, one is in the front and one is in the back bedroom. These ac units keep the bus nice and cool while driving even on the hottest days. New freon in both units. Units controlled from driver console 

2 internal heaters while driving, one is located at the drivers seat and one is located under the driver side bench. These heaters will heat the bus in under 60 seconds once bus is warmed up. They run off of the radiator as most busses do. 

65 gallon diesel fuel tank

Heated mirrors 

Driver seat on air suspension 

Air brakes 

Rails on passenger side of bus for BBQ or flat grill 

Propane run under bus on passenger side for accessories 

Galley tank and black tank have internal sprayer to clean tanks during clean out 

Included is insulation for every window for those hot days or cold days, including front window and main door 

Blackout drapes for front window and main door

The blackout drapes and insulation keep the bus at a nice temperature in hot or cold weather 

Tow bar for tow vehicle included with tow vehicle bracket. ( depending on the tow vehicle you will need to purchase the specific bracket to attach to your vehicle. If you have a chevy 1500 or a wrangler I will provide you with the bracket).

Tow hitch has a 8 and 4 spade plug for all your towing needs 

Tow hitch plug also has a 12v hot line running from the alternator and house batteries to keep whatever you are towing charged. 

House batteries are listed above as well as 3 vehicle batteries, 

115V outlets in kitchen above countertop, at each bench, in the main bedroom as well as outside the bus on the passenger side at the back 

12V plugs at each bench, drivers area and bedroom 

Switch for porch and outside lights sit next to shotgun seat on left as you walk in the bus 

Switch for all interior is located above driver seat 

All solar, 115V/12V and grey/black/water/drinking water gauges are above the fridge 

12v/115v breakers are next to the cabinets driver side in the main bedroom ( easy access ) 

Black and grey Tank drain hoses are located under the bus in the back, you don’t have to store them inside the bus ( there are 4 drain hoses for your tanks ) 

Main 100 gallon water tank has a drain line under the bus in the back incase you need to drain it 

Drinking water tank has a drain under the bus driver side in case you need to drain it 

all ceilings walls and floors are insulated with 1” insulation as well as the dynamat sound barrier listed above 

3/4” ply on all flooring and walls 

Steel floors, ceiling and walls where painting with anti-rust black paint prier to adhering Dynamat 

Forever flooring with 1/4” rubber bottom. This keeps the temperature even as well as gives the flooring give while driving and walking on it. This flooring is very forgiving and conferrable to walk on 

Sink has 2 butcher block inserts, you can either have full sink, half sink or completely covered for more counter space 

Private bathroom 

Private shower 

All side windows tinted in 5% tint, main door and back door tinted in 5% tint. Front window top and bottom in 5% tint and driver side window bottom tinted the same. 

2 side cameras mounted on front of bus, one back up camera mounted on top back of bus with a 4 way monitor mounted on dash left of driver. Cameras are wireless 

4 bumper jacks, 2 on front bumper and 2 on back bumper. These are 7,000 lb jacks each for a total of 28,000 lb lifting force. These jacks are used to stabilize the bus while parked 

Plenty of storage space above driver, above driver bench, above counter, between passenger bench and shower wall, above main bed and behind kitchen counter as well as in the back of the bus under the bed and under the passenger side bench 

Cruises at freeway speeds with a governor at 72mph

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