1998 Blue Bird International

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Published: September 3, 2022 (2 years ago)
3800 DT466E

My wife and I bought this bus directly from a school board.  It went directly from driving children to school one month to in my driveway the next.  Through out the personal bus conversation, I have driven it once a week and have kept it professionally maintained by Rush Trucking Company since its purchase.  It just passed the school system DOT inspection.  The school system that I purchased it from was where my brother-in-law drove for the school.  He said bus number 11 was the best bus in the fleet, no problems in its driving history.  Their school keeps all their buses indoors and they have a truck wash rack.  Buses are washed often and everyday in the winter.  The buses are undercoated every summer.  Thus this bus had no rust underneath whatsoever.  There are a few surface spots but nothing major.  I have made all the conversion work myself.  I am a work worker and everything is done so a tornado can hit and all would remain in place.  I have not removed the ceiling and kept the metal roof, which is in beautiful condition.  Benefit to this is you can use magnet everywhere, which my wife loves.  There is a bathroom and a kitchen.  We use a portable toilet and empty it at nearby bathrooms.  We have chosen not to install water or water tanks.  We haul our water and refill as we go.  I have run 30 AMP through out and have an inverter to run electricity and the household frig while driving.  I have the largest marine battery that is made, in series with the starter batteries.  I have installed an isolator switch connected to the starter.  When the engine is running the alternator chargers the two starter batteries and the marine battery.  When the engine is turned off only the marine battery is connected to the inverter.  I have LED 12 volt lights throughout the bus.  I have 120 lights and plugs run throughout as well.  We can go off grid for  2 days on that marine battery and it charges right up once you are on the road driving.  I have installed an RV Furion ceiling AC in the roof.  That keeps the bus plenty cold in the hot days.  We use the buddy heater for the really cold days.  That will heat us out for sure.  We also somewhat cold days.  Heat while driving is used by the heat already in the bus, we did not remove those, they are simply hidden under the seats and kitchen.  The driver area is in beautiful condition.  The school bus driver assigned to her really took great care of the whole bus inside.  I have installed an undercarriage toolbox on the left side and put a heavy duty hitch on the back, so you can tow a full size vehicle behind.  I also have a cargo carrier/bike rack on the back presently.  I have a full size queen bed in the back and the dinette makes into a double bed.  the couch makes into a single bed.  storage is plentiful throughout, under couch and dinette seats and other places.   I have installed the Blue Bird factory locking handle on the front doors, which are manually operated.  I have installed floating cork flooring throughout except in the rear bedroom, which  is glue down carpet squares.  I drove buses over the road for a living for a long stent.  If you know anything about bus engines and trannys, then you know that thee DT466E married to the AT545 Allison transmission is the best combo, completely bullet proof.  I also drove school buses for a little bit.  Blue Bird is the best hands down.  Why are we selling?  That is a good question.  My wife and I love this bus, we have many hours of tender love in this bus, it is well thought out.  I have health issues that preclude me from driving large vehicles anymore.   The price is based on the condition of this bus and the work that my wife and I put into this bus…she did all the sowing for the cushions and curtains.  I will entertain offers that are reasonable.

SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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