2001 BlueBird HandiBus (90% Finished)

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Published: July 9, 2021 (3 years ago)
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I am selling my 2001 BlueBird Handibus conversion!

It is 90% done but almost livable at this point.

It drives great (I drove it from Highland Utah to Boulder Colorado over vail pass right after purchasing it. It handled the long drive great!

While building, a lot of focus has been put on durability. All internal walls are supported by 2×3’s for strength but save a little space and weight by not having 2×4’s. 3/4 inch plywood was used on any area that strength would be useful, while 1/2 inch plywood was used to cover many of the walls to save on weight.

I’m selling it because since the project started two years ago, my life has changed in a way that bus life isn’t a sensible option anymore. I started a new job which is keeping me put for a while. Since I can’t continue the project, take advantage of the hundreds of hours I have put into this! We will continue to work on it while it is listed for sale. Next up is drawers!

Random Features:

Pergo flooring is beautiful and very strong! It is also water proof which is a huge plus for an RV conversion! Most window seals are made from poplar hardwood as well as the end caps on every wall. We installed a 12v fan in the ceiling at the very front of the bus above the front windshield.

All windows are original and every single one was removed, cleaned, and re-installed and sealed to prevent any leaks or future issues! In the bedroom, we kept the original emergency exit in the roof and installed plexiglass for a second, smaller skylight.

We have also replaced the headlights with LED headlights which are much brighter and have much more coverage than the stock headlights!

Living Room:

The battery bank is kept below the entertainment center. There is an outlet in the box as well so cables for a tv can be routed easily through the wall for a clean look. Under the couch is a space for three drawers for extra storage (you can never have too much storage in a Skoolie!)


I’m a tall guy (6’6″) so we built a box into the roof above the kitchen for extra headroom which also has a large skylight! The skylight is made of two plexiglass skylights to form an air gap to help with heat/cold while providing amazing diffused natural light! Ceramic tile lines the walls next to the sink and stove for awesome aesthetics and durable protection from water/fire! We installed a two-burner stove on one side of the large butcher block counter and a deep stainless steel sink on the other side.


Upon entering the bedroom, the bathroom is on the right behind a wooden sliding door.

The bathroom is not yet built out, but the walls are covered and it has one outlet as well as an emergency exit window. There is a small 12v fan installed near the toilet which can be connected to the urine separator to help keep any smells at bay for a composting toilet. The other side of the bedroom has a large desk and a spot for a cupboard or up to four drawers.

Next, under the bed has space for many more drawers to keep clothing in and anything else you would typically keep in a bedroom! Moving up, the left side (foot area) of the bed has two 5″ deep pockets to keep random things in as well as a very deep pocket to keep a blanket or longer items in.

While sitting in bed, there are outlets on both sides so phones and other electronics can be kept close. There are also two large shelves on one side of the bed to act as a bedside table. There are two outlets here, one of which has two USB ports in it as well.

Under the bed in the back there is a huge cavity accessible from the back door. It is very deep on one side and could fit things as long as a pair of skis! The bed hinges up which facilitates climbing inside the “garage” for easy access to the deeper areas in it.


800AH of battery power (4 Renogy 200AH batteries); 3000-watt 12v inverter; dimmable LED lights; 12v fan in the ceiling in front; 110v outlets throughout with strategically placed USB outlets near sitting/sleeping areas and GFCI outlets in potential wet areas.


70-gallon fresh water tank; 50-gallon gray water tank; deep stainless steel sink; 12v water pump; Urine separator in bathroom plumbed to gray water.

It has a Cummins 5.9 diesel engine which is known to run to almost 1,000,000 miles! It was previously owned by Alpine School District and they took amazing care of this bus, including replacing parts well before the replacement was necessary (gotta keep bus’s reliable to take kids to school every morning!)

The bus is currently classified as a commercial vehicle, but the title can be changed over to a recreational vehicle to make everything much easier!

The bus is located in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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