2003 Ford E-450 7.3 Turbo Diesel Skoolie

SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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Published: August 13, 2021 (3 years ago)
It is a 7.3 turbo diesel 2003,
It has just over 160k miles on it and is just breaking in. The engine is in the class of legends and is very sought after.
It has everything you need to live comfortably I have been for the last year. It’s got a diesel heater for the winter, roof fan (reversible) for cooking and summer time.
100 Ah battery along with 200 watts of solar all linked to a Bluetooth emitter to check your power, also has wall mounted display.
Shower with hot water in your house with on demand hot water, do dishes with ease in a full size stainless steel deep sink.
Cook your favorite meals on the 3 burner dometic propane stove and cook up to a large pizza in the oven! 45qt fridge comes with this rig and tons, I mean tons of storage space.
The bed in a full queen with an amazingly comfortable memory foam mattress that is a special ultra thick futon type bed. Best bed I have ever slept on IMO.
The bed is framed straight to the structure of the bus meaning both the emergency door in the back and the wheelchair access door has unadulterated storage space. This space is also easily accessed from inside the bus.
45 gallon fresh and 35 gallon grey water tank.
Fairly fresh oil change, new glow plugs, entire fuel bowl recently replaced, transmission fluid and filter flushed, and the heater core was also flushed so you got hot air for the cold days of driving. The ac can be fixed easily, a seal blew and it leaks when recharged but I never was bothered to fix. Cheap fix as the leak is not deep in the guts.
Comes with a Diesel heater (Chinese) tuned and ready to cook you out of this thing.
It’s a pretty build and you will love it.
Last mentions I can remember is that there is also shore power plug in so you can charge your battery’s on a rainy week and I also added a full home theater with a Philips tv mounted to watch tv in the back.
It comes with a Yamaha stereo 2 mid speakers one tweeter up high and a subwoofer under the bed (it’s bad ass) bump music or watch movies like your in the theater. Will need shore power for this or upgrade the low amp inverter I have been using for smaller stuff before I put the system in.
Tires all all in great condition, no cracking and good tread.
Everything is lockable and secure so you can leave the bus in peace. The front door locks from the inside as well as the outside for extra safety.
The front bumper is incredibly sturdy and ready to mount any type of rack for any motor bike. That goes for the back bumper as well.
Its airtight, no leaks and ready for the next person to enjoy. I am selling because I will be moving into my girlfriends rig and we do not need to be driving TWO diesel vehicles around just to live in one!
Feel free to ask any questions, lastly, I am asking 35k but will take the best offer I get.
I can also deliver anywhere on the west coast after middle of September. Must pay for gas and plane ticket home.
Thanks for looking!
SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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