2008 International PB10500/CE3000 Gutted School Bus Conversion

by Jackson Wilkins
Published: November 13, 2023 (2 weeks ago)
VIN Number

This is a 2008 International school bus. We purchased this bus from the Escambia County Board of Education in Alabama, and do have the title along with all of the maintenance records from the Escambia County BOE.

It has been gutted and the groundwork has been completed to allow for reconfiguration as someone’s home or RV. The engine runs perfectly and has not given us any problems.

The batteries are brand new and have only been hooked up once to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. It is ready for its new owner to build their dream skoolie.

Work Done:

  • The old seats and the through bolts were removed and the holes were then patched and sealed with pennies and silicon to prevent any future issues.
  • The windows were removed and replaced with 16 gauge galvannealed sheet metal. the sheet metal was riveted in place from the outside and the inside was sealed with silicon to create a moisture barrier.
  • It has two MaxAir exhaust fans, one in front and one in rear, that are already mounted and sealed to prevent leaks. These MaxAir fans also have Vent Covers that have already been installed.
  • The bus floor was coated with Corroseal Rust Converter to seal and preserve the metal floor. We then framed and insulated the floor with foam board insulation and put down a plywood subfloor. The subfloor was painted with a waterproofing primer.
  • The interior is insulated with R-13 fiberglass insulation. The studs are held in place with 1 3/4 inch wood-to-metal screws.
  • The roof has been painted with Henry’s Tropicool.
  • The mid-ship heater was removed and the heater coolant hose was re-routed back into the driver heater.
  • The stop-arm and all of its components were removed and the holes that it left were patched and sealed with 16 gauge sheet metal and silicon.

The list price is negotiable. More information available upon request. Don’t hesitate to email if you have any questions.

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