Skoolie Designed for Family of 6

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Published: June 5, 2022 (12 months ago)

Make an Offer. This skoolie is designed from the ground up to be a long-term boondocking machine for a family of 6. The door has a keyed handle and a long vinyl blinds for privacy. Once inside there is a storage spot on the right where we keep our dumbells for morning workouts.

Living Room / Master Bedroom / Dining Room:

The forward living area doubles as the master bedroom, workout area, wrestling mat, and dining room. A solid wood door separates this area from the kids bedroom for adult privacy. Behind the driver seat is a couch that slides out into a full queen-size master bed. Underneath is a large storage space we use for winter jackets and bedding. Lining the ceiling are 13 oak cabinets we use for storing food, school supplies, etc. Across from the couch is a fold-up table that is just large enough for all 6 of us to eat on using the folding chairs that are stored next to the table. All passenger windows have mirror tint and block UV, plus pull-down vinyl blinds on windows and door enable complete privacy at night


The Kitchen is made using oak residential cabinets and plumbing, fed by 92 gallons of fresh water, and draining into 46 gallons of gray water. Underneath the huge sink is a 7 gal electric water heater which can run off the inverter. Opposite the sink is a propane camp stove which can be used as is or moved out to a picnic table. Underneath is a microwave that can also be run on the inverter. Rounding out the kitchen is the large, 12 volt Unique Appliances refrigerator that barely sips electricity.

In the center of the bus are your two HVAC options. A Pioneer mini split AC and heat unit can be run off a generator, a household 15 amp outlet, or your added rooftop solar panels. The inverter can also run the AC while driving. When on battery power, a diesel heater sips fuel out of the main tank and provides plenty of heat.


Our kids love their four bunkbeds and treat them as their individual bedrooms. Each has two storage baskets for books, flashlights and stuffed animals, and a narrow twin mattress. Underneath the beds is plenty of room for clothes and shoes storage. Behind the door is a hanging closet and additional clothes storage. Opposite the bunkbeds is a reading area with a bench, with storage bins underneath and four more oak cabinets above.


The bathroom is closed off with a solid wood door. We use a portable toilet with a 5 gal tank which is perfect for boondocking since it can be emptied into any available lavatory. There’s space for a composting toilet if desired, or a regular RV toilet. Opposite the toilet is a space we intended to put a shower but it’s currently used as a storage closet. We use our outdoor shower for bathing and washing dirty things.

Outside the bathroom is the “back porch” rear deck. This is a custom-made steel platform we use for storing gasoline and a generator. The platform can fold up to use the towing hitch. We frequently tow our 5000 lb mini van and the bus doesn’t even feel it.



  • According to the California DMV website, this vehicle is exempted from the smog check as it’s a diesel weighing over 14,000 lbs.
  • 225,000 flawless miles and climbing.
  • We purchased the bus directly from a school system and have continued having it professionally maintained on the recommended commercial truck schedule. It has been in constant use since 2000 and has never languished in an auction lot.
  • Because of this, we have never had a mechanical issue and mechanics tell us the engine and transmission is a million mile combination.
  • 48” underbody toolbox on right side of bus.
  • All windows were removed and re sealed during conversion.
  • During the conversion, we sprayed closed cell foam insulation under the ceiling and 1.5” foam board insulation under the windows.


RV Systems


  • 50 amp input with 30 and 15 amp adapter
  • 3000w Renogy inverter and battery monitor
  • 12v and 120v outlets throughout
  • 7 Gal electric water heater
  • 75 Amp Powermax PM4 converter/charger
  • Residential circuit breaker box
  • Pioneer mini split air conditioner and heater
  • 12 volt diesel heater
  • 12 volt Unique Appliances refrigerator
  • LED interior lights on dimmer switches
  • Microwave
  • Brand new 200 AH lithium battery

We will consider delivering this bus anywhere in N. America.

SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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