1999 Bluebird Off-Grid Skoolie

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Published: March 21, 2022 (2 years ago)
Blue Bird

For Sale: 75K

Completed Off Grid & 4 Season Skoolie  

TLDR: Off grid skoolie with some seriously cool features you don’t see on every build completed by experienced builders 

 1999 BlueBird 180,000 Miles Full size 40ft 8.3 RE Cummins paired to the MT643

Exterior: Two stage automotive paint was sprayed on by experienced bus painter. 4 different colors makes this effect. $4,000 worth of paint alone (have receipts) This is a paint job that will last and turns heads. 

Every exterior light on the bus has been replaced with LED’s Upper emergency lights in front have been replaced with custom jeep halo lights, they work as daytime running lights, turn signals and off road headlights when really exploring BLM land. 

Upper emergency lights in the rear have been made into directionals. Two awnings, 16ft and 8ft, 8ft awning is electronic and controlled via a switch just inside the front door. 

Factory underbody storage on each side with locks. Screens on every window. Exterior LED light Fold down table Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (designed for wakeboarding boat) Custom LED Undercarriage lighting can be turned on/off via toggle by the driver 

light color can be changed via remote. Front mounted tow hitch attached with grade 8 hardware, included 4 bike bike rack (can include mountain bikes if desired) Every bit of hardware used on the exterior is stainless steel so will not rust. 

 Roof top firepit -this is a 2 ft propane burning firepit on the LARGE rooftop deck, big enough for a party and this is where we always ended up. Can be turned on via a key valve up top and adjusted. This is hard piped through the bathroom wall down to the frame of the bus where it connects to its own dedicated 20lb propane tank.  

Systems:  This bus is just as comfortable at a campsite, on BLM land or at fancy RV parks. I have driven this 10,000 miles and have never been turned away, park employees are more likely to ask for a tour then ask you to leave. 

4 ways to power the house: solar, shore, DC to DC (bus engine on) or generator  1.5 inch rigid foam insulation all around high quality marine grade wire used All wiring and plumbing has been properly nail plated ( I have photos of the entire build that I can send to interested parties)  

3x 20lb propane tanks attached to the frame – 2 are connected and have an automated switch over feature and power the full size oven/stove + instant hot water heater, 3rd is dedicated for rooftop firepit 

1200 watts of renogy rooftop solar panels 600 amp hours of lithium 3000 watt inverter charger 30amp shore power adapter 40 amp DC to DC charger Includes 3000 watt gas generator as well, good for powering AC when off grid 15000btu Carrier rooftop AC WITH HEATING ELEMENT Soft start feature to run AC off grid Maxfann 116 Gallons of fresh water under the bed with fill and city water connection 95 gallons of grey 45 gallons of black

Dometic RV toilet with electrical outlet behind + we added and traveled in style with our Brondell bidet toilet seat, can include for the right price 

 Eccotemp L10 water heater Heat provided by rooftop AC and by the Dickinson diesel heater designed to heat 40ft boats out at sea, also have the decorative flue cover and the bad weather rain cap, turn on the fuel pump at the switch up front, light it up and have fuel for weeks, heater fuel source is connected to the 100 gallon bus fuel tank  

Interior:  Front seating area that converts into beds (either individual or all can combine into one super bed)  storage underneath 

Real all wood cabinets with soft close features with antique brass hardware, have added child latches as well. 33in apron sink (who says things have to be small on a bus) 

Pint Glass rinser attachment on the counter to easily wash your beer glass out. Top of line the 4 burner propane stove/oven 12ft of counters-top space, we love to cook so this was a kitchen centric build. Full size apartment fridge with ICE MAKER. Interior Height Approx “75

Horse trough bathtub has been finished in pond epoxy to ensure it will not leak and for a photo finish. Tile in the bathroom is all marble.

Brass shower head is great when hooked up to city water, also includes the oxygenics shower-head to save water when off grid – can open the door and be placed there for instant outdoor shower  

Bedroom is a king sized bed with some storage features  Roof is tongue and groove painted with the “roll and tip” method, makes it very easy to clean and gives a beautiful shine.  

Drivers seat is custom red swede leather, air ride seat gives extra comfort, back up camera makes maneuvering much easier  Bus is registered as a Motorhome in California so no smog and fully insured as an RV, should be easy to change over.  *Cue the California hate*  This is our 2nd bus build, I have owned a bus/tour company for roughly 10 years and also invest in real estate, renovating homes etc. 

We built this bus to last and planned to keep it forever however things have changed so we are selling to move to our 2 new projects (think 4 wheel drive) It is a crime for this beauty to sit, so with a heavy heart I list her for sale.  FAQ: Yes this a large vehicle however I am willing to offer a full day of drivers education by myself or one of my drivers all of us have 10+ years of bus driving experience Yes for the right price this can be delivered anywhere in the country, I’m happy to take her on one last trip 

 Yes, this is expensive, this is a skoolie that was very well built with features that you don’t see everyday. Additionally Im offering free driving lessons as well as thousands in preventative maintenance along with this. No we are not in any rush to sell this. Yes open to offers

Youtube Link – Walk-Through Tour


SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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