2000 International 3800 – Full Time Ready

by Trevor Stutzman
Published: April 6, 2023 (2 months ago)

Price Schedule, (Open to Negotiation) :

4/23/23 – 71,500

4/30/23 – 70,000

5/7/23 – 68,500 and so on, 1,500 less each week

Interested parties: 3

If you’re concerned about the price, email me.


This is a rust free 2000 International 3800, with 151,000 miles, and a rebuilt engine at 149,000 miles. This was my second build, and I lived in it for a semester in college finishing an engineering degree, and worked out the kinks. Between building and living in the bus for several months, around 90 friends and strangers have been given a tour, which was a lot of fun, definitely a conversation started in the neighborhood.

The bus is insulated with Havelock wool in the ceiling under cedar paneling, the walls are insulated with Havelock on the outside of the walls, and with rigid foam on the inside, for a total of around R-15 in the walls. The driver side windows have been replaced with sheet metal and insulated as well. The floor has 1 inch of rigid foam under the subfloor. The ceiling is painted with a thick reflective paint to limit heat from the sun. I found it to be quite comfortable, the coldest weather outside was was down to 15 degrees, although it did require additional electric power from a shore line to keep it tee shirt warm, but the diesel heater could have done so as well, I just preferred to not use it, but did test it on occasion.

The windows have a blackout double cell honey comb shade, with an R-5 value every remaining window. I was really impressed how well they worked. The door has a curtain insulated with sheep’s wool made by one of my good friends.

If you would like a custom one similar to this bus, please email me as well, I’m planning on starting a shop to build more!



1000 W of solar power –  with a small standing deck in the middle.

100 ah, 24v SOK lithium battery, Reneoy charge controller. I would be happy to install an additional battery in series if you wish, and supply the battery.

12v converters for up to 500 watts of 12v power, in addition to the 24 volt circuits.

The 12v lights are all on dimmer buttons, with 8 different circuits for complete control of the lighting.

2000 W pure sine wave inverter, providing power to a subpanel with circuit breakers. There is a 30 Amp shore power connection that can also supply the sub panel.

5kw diesel heater

Cubic mini wood stove

Cruise Control

Size for a Queen size bed, (although the mattress isn’t included, I just used my own double bed from home). The couch on the side can be extended to about the size of a twin bed, although it is a little shorter than a normal twin.

8 feet of kitchen space, stainless steel sink and countertop, with a 2 burner stove top and oven, a 24v fridge under the bed.

15 inch wide pantry

Electric pump for the sink and shower, and a foot pump for redundancy.  60 gallons of fresh water available. The sink can drain into the grey water tanks, (25 and 20 gallons) or be diverted into a bucket inside the cabin, incase of freezing weather.

1500 watt Bosch 2.7 gallon electric water heater for the shower and sink. Heating water for washing dishes takes 10 minutes and 10% of the battery, a shower takes about 20 minutes and 20% of the battery. Plenty of water for dishes, but a relatively quick shower.

There are 12v female outlets and USB outlets scattered throughout.

Battery Monitoring system for voltage, battery capacity, and amperage usage.

Small shower – aprox. 30 x 30. There is a klidwick composting toilet than can be moved easily out of the shower. I some weird shipping delays mean that I have a second, unbuilt composting toilet if you would rather have an unused one for your use, or you could buy your own other option.

Cork flooring – helps keep the feet warm and the bus quieter.

Dinette style table, with steel framed seats with 4 lap seat belts.

Dometic Roof Fan

The batteries to start the bus were replaced in January, and the bus starts up well.

The engine achieves 10 mpg without a headwind, with a comfortable top speed of about 65, although you can certainly go faster, the bus just really likes to go 65. Can’t be in a hurry in a skoolie!

The bus is painted white by me, it looks pretty good from afar, but close up there are some sore spots and mistakes.

There are a few small changes I would like to make after a while of hindsight, nothing critical, mostly winter proofing. I would like to beef up the grey water tank supports and add some insulation to them and the lines, and add a light under the bed. There could be some scheduling conflicts with my plans finishing up school, but I can explain them if you email.


Bus condition:

As mentioned above, the engine has been rebuilt, and an oil line to the turbo has been replaced after a leak. There is 1 small oil lead under the turbo that I believe I have fixed, but I have not had the opportunity to take a long drive and know for sure. It will not cause any sudden breakdowns. The bus is rust free, and has so far worked essentially flawlessly for me mechanically so far. The tires should be good for many years ahead, depending on their level of usage and sun exposure.


Other information:

I am planning on creating a shop to build more Skoolies this summer after graduation, if you like this one but want a custom one, please email me.

There are several spaces or things that I left or did not do, to allow some degree of personalization of whoever buys it, like an small area behind the tables by the stairs, under the sinks, and in the back under the bed. I did not change the door, it seems an area that people have pretty specific desires for, but it can be locked from the inside. If you want small or big changes I would be happy to make them for you with some discussion (and negotiation for big changes) before purchasing.

Email: [email protected], I am happy to call or facetime / zoom for questions if you have them after emailing. Thank you for reading!

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