2000 International RE Model 3700

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Published: July 15, 2022 (2 years ago)
International RE Model 3700
VIN Number

2000 International RE Model 3700 84 passenger (formerly)
40ft, AmTran Body, 200,623 miles. Approx 12,000 hours.

DT530 8.7 liter straight six Diesel engine

Allison MD3060 Automatic Transmission


Look at this beautiful bus! This is what you are looking for if you’re planning a skoolie build! That’s right, you’ve just found the holy grail of skoolie platforms: a 40ft diesel pusher, with storage bays, and powered by the monster 8.7 liter International DT530 mated to the venerable Allison MD3060 transmission. This engine is no DT466. It’s bigger, and is also so rare that I had to check “other” on the classified. If you know, you know. If you don’t you’ll find out, There is simply no bigger, faster, smoother, more powerful, better driving school bus available for your build.

And the really good part? This bus lived it’s entire life in PHOENIX, ARIZONA. It is totally rust free! Yep, I flew down there and drove it all the way home to Cincinnati.

I’ve done most of the groundwork for you. The bus is totally gutted, with all seats, flooring, and ceiling removed. All holes in the floor have been patched. I’ve removed windows according to the floor plan I desired and installed sheet metal  over the openings. Roof exits have been removed and skylights installed. The roof has been sanded, primed, and covered with three coats of Bus Kote. The single turn signal lamp on each side has been removed and replaced with four led turn signal lamps running the length of the bus. Clearance lamps have been removed and replaced with dozens of new led clearance lamps to really dress up this rig at night. I’ve also installed led floodlights on each side of the bus. (All lights and lamps still need to be wired together and connected to switches) A four-camera—rear, sides, front—system has been partially installed. I’ve sanded, primed, and sprayed on two coats of rust oleum oil-based enamel. All bus windows have been removed, scraped, wire-brushed, painted black, Re-sealed with butyl tape and reinstalled. Most of the unnecessary wiring has been removed.

But wait, there’s more! This bus comes with over $4,900 in freebies, including three Dometic air conditioners!

15k Dometic low-profile Air Conditioner, a $1,865 value

15k Dometic air conditioner, a $1,379 value

13.5k Dometic air conditioner, an $800 value

Large stainless steel Ruvati work station sink, a $450 value

Fookoo II 1080p 4-way Camera system, a $450 value

So that’s all the good news. What’s the other news? Well, there’s no door, as you can see. I removed it with plans to use the parts to weld up a new swinging door. The old door parts come with the bus (see pictures). You can still drive the bus without the door. I’ve installed top-of-the-line JW speaker headlights. They are $340/each. There’s a flicker on “daylight” mode that I haven’t sorted out, but they work fine when turned fully on. However, I’ve not aligned them yet. Also the new clearance lamps I’ve installed are not yet wired in. Therefore, because of the lack of working clearance lamps and headlights needing alignment I advise you that the bus is currently safe to drive only during daylight hours.

So, why am a selling? Long story short: I used to have more time than money, but now I have more money than time, and my kids are entering their teen years. I love this bus, but I love my kids more, and I want to spend time with them. So, we’re buying an RV and hitting the road. Yes, I know, it’s not as cool as a skoolie. Yes, I am a little sad.

The bus starts up great, runs, drives, and is mechanically sound to the best of my knowledge. However, it hasn’t seen many miles in the past three years, and it would be a good idea to service all the fluids in the near future.

The bus is sold as-is where-is. I’m happy to help with a lift from the airport if you need it.

I originally paid $9,000 for this bus. I have many hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars beyond this original purchase price put into it as you can see, but I am willing to let it go for my original purchase price to give you a a head start on your new adventure with the best skoolie platform money can buy.

SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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