2004 Freightliner Thomas Motor Coach

SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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Published: January 20, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Woody the Bus is up for sale $67,000.

We have enjoyed this build and some great time but we want something smaller. Woody is a 04 Thomas Built Bus converted SKOOLIE. This conversion was built to be completely off-grid. It took around a year or more to complete.

We have been able to maintain being off-grid since we built him. Being off-grid to us means we haven’t hooked up to shore power since we built this rig. Everything other than the stove and water heater runs off solar.


  • Mercedes MBE906
  • 190 hp engine
  • Allison 2000 5 speed automatic transmission
  • 204,000 mileage
  • The engine was never rebuilt and runs great, has no leaks, and has been serviced regularly.

What’s sets this bus apart!

  • 2310 WATTS of SOLAR custom mounted – 6/385 split cell mono crystal panels
  • 600 AH @ 24 (12)Battle Born Batteries (lithium iron phosphate)
  • 3000/24 Watt Victron Multiplus
  • 2 VictronConnect 100/50 solar charge controller
  • VictronConnect 24/12 dc To dc step down
  • 2-9000BTU 23 SEER Inverter Technology Pioneer A/C heat pump Units ( Front and Back)
  • 24”Freestanding LPG convection oven and stovetop
  • 12v stove hood and light
  • Sliding spice rack
  • 29.3 gallon, 100 pound propane tank
  • 75 gallons of fresh water
  • 75 gallons of grey water
  • 34 gallons of urine tank Seperett Urine Diverting Toilet
  • Eccotemp 12i instant water heater
  • 5.5 GPM water pump
  • 3 viewing areas- side awning
  • folding back porch and roof deck
  • Washer dryer combo
  • Custom Rear folding deck no legs required
  • 20’ side awning

Specs Inside the Bus

  • Murphy STYLE folding QUEEN BED
  • 11 Foot of Kitchen Counter Space
  • Inverter Technology Apartment Size Refrigerator
  • Japanese Inspire Soaking Tub/ Shower Combo 36”l x28”w x 18” d
  • 4 foot wide of closest space
  • AMPLE Food Storage Pantry and Under-cabinet Storage

OTHER STUFF THAT WILL COME WITH THIS BUS: Ice Maker Insta Pot Air Fryer Berkeley Water filter!!!

Our Tours

Tiny Home:


Silent Tour:


SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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