2006 Chevy Express Partially Converted Skoolie

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by Victoria B
Published: June 7, 2023 (4 months ago)

Motivated to sell! We are moving and unfortunately the bus can’t move to an island with us.


  • Partially converted off-grid mobile camper/tiny home/skoolie… She is begging for someone to put the finishing touches on her and drive off into the sunset!
  • Extremely easy to drive and maneuver, this is a great starter vehicle for those new to life on the road.
  • Runs like a champ!  We have traveled across the country and back in the past year.  Highly sought after diesel engine built for 300K+ Miles.
  • Wood stove that keeps us warm in the cold weather locations (slept in 20-degree weather at the Grand Canyon in November)
  • Excellent interior light, ceiling hatch, and rear door with custom-built screens great for the warmer weather days!
  • Magnetic curtains, made for quick and easy adjustment; windows tinted for additional privacy.
  • Passenger-side door replaced with 3-hinge house-door (large window helps to prevent blind spots); deadbolt and chain lock for additional security.
  • Queen/King steel bed frame (your choice, flex down to add built-in storage!)
  • Passenger seat belt that can bolt into base of sofa for comfortable and secure second seat.
  • Custom built kitchen and cabinets with a great amount of overhead storage. 
  • Custom collapsible dinette table – easy to fold when traveling.  Dual purpose desk space. 
  • Built-in closet with space to bring more than enough clothing for minimalist travelers.
  • Shower and water system; Newly installed shower (complete with filtration system, 2.5gal/min pump, 8 gal water heater, 40 gal fresh water tank, 25 gal grey water tank, and 5 gal removable grey water under the sink. Updated finishes in the shower as well as kitchen faucet.
  • Life proof wood flooring; well insulated and easy to keep clean
  • Solar system, compost toilet, and water system well suited for off-grid, low impact, sustainable living!
  • Large kitchen counter space and Dometic fridge – supplies 5+ days of meals; great for cooking on with small propane portable stove. 
  • Exterior mounted “weBoost” cell phone signal booster – able to support two full time employees working remotely via hotspot.
  • Removed old bus AC, planned roof space for additional solar panels in the future.
  • Comes with brand new RecPro AC in the box(installation not included).

Video Walkthough


  • 2006 Chevrolet Express 3500 with 166K Miles
  • 2WD 6.6L Turbo Duramax Diesel, V8 (403 CID)
  • 24ft x 8ft x 13ft (LxWxH) registered camper
  • Recent work completed:
    • New fuel pump, fuel lines, and fuel filter
    • New fuel tank straps
    • New serpentine belt 
    • New car battery
    • Recently flushed brake, power steering, rear differential fluids
    • Recently replaced front brake lines
    • Oil changed at 165K miles
    • New horn
    • Brand new front tires
  • Some rust/ corrosion in the undercarriage – rear brake lines will likely need attention in the future
  • Security light on; does not impact engine start up or vehicle running.  Recently got bus inspected and the mechanic said there is no issue and it is just a quirk of a well-loved bus. 


  • 12V Solar system completed by a professional licensed electrician!  We found the work a bit too intimidating for a complete DIY solution, so we paid to have it done
  • Solar
    • 2 Renogy High Efficiency Monocrystalline panels 
    • Wired in parallel
    • 12V/ 100W per panel
  • Controller 
    • Windy Nation P30L LCD Solar Charge controller
  • Battery Bank 
    • 3 LifePro Lithium Batteries
    • Wired in parallel 
    • 12V; 100 AH per battery 
  • Inverter
    • Samlex PSE-12175A 1750W, 12V Modified Sine Inverter
  • Utilities
    • Batteries charged via solar panels
    • Powers 3 outlets (one with USB outlets), cabin lights with dimmers, 12V dometic refrigerator, toilet vent fan, cell phone signal booster, water heater, water pump
    • Puck lights with remote switch on battery power


  • Fresh/Grey Water System
    • Exterior fresh water fill inlet with air vent
    • 40 Gallon Class-A-Customs fresh water tank; secured with wood frame and 1,500 lb ratchet strap underneath bed frame (still leaves room for additional storage under the bed!)
    • 25 Gallon grey water from shower
    • High quality PEX water line with brass stop valve
    • 5 Gallon gray water removable bucket underneath sink 
  • Black Water System
    • Sun-Mar GTG Composting Toilet; waterless connection with separate liquid and solid waste chambers (we typically stayed in locations with restrooms so the solid waste chamber has never been used and is waiting for brand new owners!); small vent fan to exterior outlet to eliminate toilet odors.


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