30′ 07 Thomas C2 MBE 900 Finished Skoolie. Make me an offer!

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Published: August 27, 2021 (2 years ago)
Saf-T-Liner C2

My story:

I built this bus with the help of some friends during covid. I realized after a few months of living in it the space was a bit more than I needed so I am buying a van and converting it here soon. I put my heart and soul into this project and I want her to have a good home. Please ask me anything else you would like to know. I am currently traveling in Maine but am happy to meet you somewhere if you want to see the bus in person. Everything is negotiable.

The bus:

30 foot long 2007 Thomas Freightliner C2

Approx 225,000 miles

Engine is an MBE 900

Already title/registered as a motorhome in Tennessee.

RUNS LIKE A BEAST. No problems on very steep inclines, has never overheated.

Within the last 3 months, the oil, oil filters, fuel filters, starter, and solenoid shift have all been completely replaced/changed. both chassis batteries are new.  I don’t have the history of mechanical work done before but I was told it was meticulously kept up with by the school district. I’ve run into no issues whatsoever and I’ve been driving it heavily since April. Maryland school bus.


Still original school bus yellow. Never had problems with it on the road with being stopped/cops. You are more than welcome to paint it whatever color you want.

Most logos have been removed except for on the roof, upper back exterior door, and upper area in the front of the bus.

There is one single storage trunk I use for cords. I just recently had to drill the lock out because I was never given the key for it so the lock does not work but the door will still securely open/close.

500 pound cargo carrier was attached to the back of the bus. Easy to take off and on if needed. There is a hitch and everything there. Very sturdy and incredibly useful.

20 gallon Manchester propane tank which runs the water heater and 2 burner stove. Easy to have refilled at Tractor Supply.


Originally was wired with 2 120 outlets and 1, 30. Had issues so I had the 120 disconnected, they no longer work but are able to be rewired in the future if they want to be used again. 30 amp works like a charm. The breaker box and all that is behind the fridge in the kitchen that can be easily pulled out to access.

No solar but it wouldn’t be hard to install if you wanted to do it. I just knew I would have access to shore power and that is what I have been using.


3.5 gallon Shurflo water pump. The pump seen in the pics is the old AquaPro which has since been replaced. This Shurflo is a lot better quality and quieter. You can see the switch to turn it off and on (if needed) in the pic near it. It is powered by the far right 12 volt battery near the bus chassis batteries as seen in other pic.

Propane water heater. Appropriate switch there as well if you want to turn it off. The propane tank is mounted outside the bus and it does need to be turned on for the hot water to work.

63 gallon fresh water tank (which is underneath the futon in the living room area) that can be easily filled up via an outlet outside the bus.

There is no black water tank due to having a composting toilet.

No gray water tank currently. I never got around to putting one in and have just been dumping water (where appropriate) via the black outlet you can see on the side of the bus.

Random Includes:

50 AMP Vector battery starter.

All appropriate cords and adapters you will need to hook up to 15, 30 or even 50 amp spots. 50 foot electrical cord, 30 amp cord, and the adapters you will need to hook up to anywhere!

I use Command hooks (instead of drilling) to mount hooks and whatever I need so those can stay as well.

3800 Watt Wireless Remote Start Dual Fuel Invertor Generator. Never used. Will include manual and oil for it. Didn’t need it like I thought I would.



Avanti RMS551SS Side by Side Fridge. It is amazing. Only electric. It has been the perfect amount of space for me. Can easily slide in and out to access electric breaker box that is behind it.

Beautiful butcher block countertop. Lots of available counter space to use.

Cusinart toaster oven is included as well. I built that cubby specifically for it and has been well used for pizza night.

Lots of little hooks around to hang cups, towels, whatever on.

LARGE FARMHOUSE STYLE SINK. My favorite part of the bus. It works great if you need to do some laundry as well.

Propane stove by Suburban. 2 burners, works great. No issues with it at all and very easy to use.

The wooden futon will fold out into another bed. No cushions or mattress included. The 63 gallon fresh water tank is also housed under there.

The bathroom areas: 

Large shower with the same beautiful blue tile on the floor that you see on the kitchen backsplash. Nebia showerhead/wand has saved so much water. You will love it. Beautiful subway tile with light colored grout on all showers walls.

Natures head composting toilet across the hall. There is no sink in the bathroom area just the one in the kitchen. No door in the toilet area either.


Mattress not included.

Queen size bed frame is built on top of a lovely Ikea dresser that has 6 drawers. I also have some Command hooks around the room to hang up my laundry bags and button downs/jackets.

The emergency hatch on the ceiling is perfect for a box fan and the door on the back of the bus is still accessible to open from the inside to let in some fresh air. The outside door handle was broken off as an extra security precaution.

Other info:

Pine tongue and groove throughout the bus.

The flooring in the living spaces is a chestnut laminate from Lowes. It has held up really well and is easy to maintain.

The majority of the bus is insulated and the floor was completely gutted and built up fresh.

There is a large area I use that is under the bed behind the dresser. You can access the “garage” via the emergency exit door.

Tile on the kitchen backsplash and shower floor is a Merola tile from Home Depot. It is even more beautiful in person.

Paneling throughout the bus walls. I painted it white, originally came splotchy and needed painted. Would it be easy to paint it another color if you wanted to.

Beautiful pine door with black hardware for the bedroom area. Can be locked from the inside and out.

The mechanical features of the bus door have been removed. It has a new lock on it now.

I am 6′ tall and there is still a few inches of headroom in the bus. Including in the shower. I didn’t have to do a roof raise on it, got lucky with a bus that was already taller than most.

Carbon monoxide detector installed since the stove and water heater are both propane. I always open some windows as a precaution anyway and have had no issues.

The bus does have heat if you turn it on but currently, there are no other heating or cooling sources. I have been using a $20 box fan in the hatch and it works okay. Wanted to do a Pioneer Mini Split but never got around to doing it.

There are makeshift window covers, not very good ones, up around the bus for more privacy. You are more than welcome to have them.

The white box on the other side of the futon is my cats litter box. It was kinda built to fit in the space with the futon. If you don’t have a pet that could use that space it would also be an excellent storage areas for shoes or something else.

Exp 11-24-2021

SOLD! This ad has been sold and is no longer available.
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