1992 Ford B700 Dog Nose Useable Partial Conversion

by Kari Westby
Published: May 15, 2024 (4 days ago)
Ford B700
VIN Number

Partial conversion but functional to camp in (shower not completed).  Currently sleep 8, but has potential to sleep 9.

Trips taken: Minnesota to Delaware and over 10 weekend trips in and around Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The heavy work is done except for the shower and then it’s all minor cosmetic changes.  This is an all-electric design designed to run off of 30A shore power or the 9.5K generator that can be used while driving.  The camper has dual AGM batteries to run the bus and a standard car battery that is used as temporary power for the 12V internal lights but is not meant for AC conversion.  There is a 30A, 2200W inverter/charger that is currently not being used and can either be hooked up to run a larger battery bank for camper use or sold.  The 110V system is currently fed from shore power directly.  The camper features a fridge purchased in 2022 when the camper was built.  There is a used 5-gal hot water tank that runs off of 110v but has capability of propane.  The generator is dual fuel with gasoline and propane.  There are multiple 110V outlets throughout.

Cooking is done with electric griddles, electric stovetop for pots and pans and microwave.

There is a permanent couch and dinette seating area with seatbelts.  The kitchen has a long 7’ butcherblock countertop and sink, 3’ wide pantry floor to ceiling and fridge.  There is plenty of storage under the seats as well.  Flooring is a hardwood cherry color throughout.

The middle of the bus has bunks that unlatch and are hinged to make a temporary couch area or provide more room for sleeping if there are less campers. One side has 3 bunks and the other has 2 with small cubbies and outlets at the head.  The master bedroom has plenty of storage at the foot of the bed, and a cubby area behind the bathroom at the head.  Plenty of storage under the bed as well.

The bathroom was designed to have a small sink. The wet bath has a large shower pan and a working toilet towards the back.  The shower needs to be hooked up, but the water lines are in place.

Underneath the bus are 4 storage units, one on the passenger side by the 60gal fuel tank, 2 conjoined storage units on the driver side and a large dual entry storage unit in the back.  The water hookups are on the drive side inside the storage unit.  There is a 75gal freshwater tank, a 65gal grey water tank and a 50gal black water tank.  The sewer hookups are fully functional and in a standard location.

The 30A shore power hookup is in the standard location.  The generator is mounted on the rear of the bus low enough for the rear door of the storage unit to swing open above it.  The shore power cable can be run along the undercarriage of the bus back to the generator while in motion.

A 1500W standard camper AC unit is mounted in the kitchen area on the roof.  The front roof escape hatch was converted into a 2’x4’ skylight that can open.


  • New front tires
  • Large skylight
  • Electric everything
  • Fully functional water/waste hookups
  • Air conditioner
  • Backup camera (not installed)
  • Registered as an RV
  • Great working engine and transmission

Work that needs to be done:

  • Shower hookup & bathroom door
  • Fuel gage inoperable
  • Cosmetic trim work
  • Paint the bus

Supplies/Parts included:

  • Backup camera
  • Spare sink
  • Diesel furnace (can be easily installed to tap into diesel tank and exhaust down below)
  • Extra 12v lights, wire & switches
  • Shore power cable
  • Waste water hoses
  • Fresh water hose and filter

For serious inquiries, please email for more information and to see the Instagram page.

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