1996 International 3800 DT466 Partially Converted 28ft Bus

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by Jessica Forsythe
Published: May 13, 2023 (7 months ago)

1996 International 3800 with a DT466 straight six engine. 28 ft long. A little over 300,000 miles. Prior owner was LA Unified School District so there are no hidden rust concerns often found when living in a colder area. Inspections were completed every 6 months until I purchased it and began renovating. The engine is a desiel so it gets better miles per gallon and this specific engine is one of the best that can run for upwards of 600k miles!

Bus is well over half way converted to a RV. Designed with the goal of up-cycling old furniture and materials, to be light weight, and to maximize the use of all spaces. Was meant to be completely self sufficient and off grid but you can easily still add shore power hook ups if wanted.


Already completed:

Stripped down to the metal floor during the conversion, removed minimal interior rust found and built up from there.

Insulated floor and walls and coated roof with a silicone roof sealant to prevent leaks and help with temperature control. Painted ceiling white but could easily insulate if wanted as model has the highest ceiling available so there will still be plenty of room to stand and move around. The windows are all tinted dark to again help with temperature control. Extra privacy window decals installed on bathroom windows as well. AC bus originally came with still works on one side and definitely cools the bus down quickly. Only flaw is bus needs to be on to use it so can look into replacing AC with a low voltage window unit, etc.

Plumbing is all hooked up using PEX pipes leading from the 46 gallon fresh water tank located at the rear driver’s side of the bus. Pending the electrical system to be completed to test the water pump and heater that is located under the kitchen sink. Water heater is hooked up to both the kitchen sink and shower. Pump is a 12V Flow Max for RVs, water heater is the wall mounted Bosch Electrical Mini-Tank Tronic 3000 T 4-Gallon (ES4).

Bathroom walls and shower head are built/installed using large 60”x32” shower pan for layout. Pending final plumbing/electrical tests to put last of the bathroom wall panels up. Shower head can be used as an inside OR outside shower by putting it outside the bathroom window. Drain for grey water is drilled through floor under the shower. Large Thetford Port Potti included so black water tank not needed.

Vintage baby changing station was repurposed to house the two burner propane stove and provide amble kitchen storage and counter space. Two propane tanks can be stored under the front seat of the dinette (second tank can be used for a propane heater of your choosing). Two dinette seats are completed with storage underneath. Can also be used as an extra child’s bed once the table is installed.

Kitchen is complete with large amounts of storage underneath the counter and above the large sink. Metal utensil holder, paper towel holder and fruit basket already installed. Battery power LED lights are installed under both custom kitchen shelves. Black Galanz 7.6 cu ft refrigerator with top freezer included.

All equipment needed to install solar panels has already been purchased. This includes Renogy’s 400 Watt 12 volt Monocrystalline Starter kit with four 100w panels, two 12V50AH Eco-Worthy batteries, a 60A 12V/24V Eco-Worthy Charge Controller, and a ECO1500W Eco-Worthy power inverter and more.


Needs to be completed:

Space in back of bus big enough for a queen size bed to be built (bed slats from Ikea included). Plans were to keep fresh water tank, electrical control panel, and ‘garage’ storage space under the platform bed. Once bed is built and bus is painted, you will have everything you need in order to register bus from a non operational vehicle to a RV and start legally traveling around!

Grey water tank can be purchased and installed under the bus (you can also legally just empty the grey water on your own land or on the side of the road somewhere since it’s not from the toilet and only from shower and sink so the tank is technically optional). Need to finish closet space next to fridge, make or find table for dinette/child’s bed, install solar/electrical system, test plumbing and put up last of bathroom walls, attach kitchen sink to counter, drill sink drain or run plumbing to shower drain, paint exterior of bus, add roof deck if wanted, clean up any minor cosmetic details.

This bus is a great investment no matter what your plans are for it: finish renovating it to flip and sell it quick, turn it into an Airbnb, or travel and live out of it! I’m sad that I couldn’t be the one to finish it due to life’s circumstances, but I am so excited to see what personal touches someone else has in mind for this bad ass skoolie. Let me know if you have questions or want more pictures. $50,000 obo.

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