1992 Chevy Bluebird 6.2L Diesel Dually

by Matt F
Published: June 13, 2022 (12 months ago)
chevy van

Commercial bus title converted to Class B RV Title, this means anyone with a Class C Driver’s License (normal car Driver’s License) can drive this Bus! Measurements 8ft wide, 18ft long, about 10ft high. inside height 6ft

This Short Bus is a Chevrolet G30 dually Bluebird Schoolie that fits into any standard parking space! Perfect for pulling into roadside stops! The plethora of mirrors and windows makes backing up a breeze and gives plenty of natural lighting inside.

Auto Mechanics:
Before owning the Bus it was used by a school in San Diego for transporting musical instruments. Over the few years of owning the bus it has had the engine serviced (running good), New Diesel Engine Injectors installed, regular oil changes, inspected by 4 different auto shops, air filter replacement, fuel filter replacement, all lights on bus repaired (clearance lights, blinkers….etc.), handicap lift uninstalled, spare tire mount installed underneath Bus, heavy weight trailer hitch installed and used to tow beloved 1987 Jeep from Texas to Montana, and lastly resealed/ inspected seams on the Bus Body.

After purchasing the Bus it was taken to Texas, then Montana and back to California where it is now. During this time, tons of design work, gathering of UpCycle/ReCycled materials, and construction took place on the inside! An open hallway layout was chosen for its spacious walking room and ability to see straight out the back door windows. The two large butcher block counters measure in at 2ft by 4ft with one containing a large single bay stainless steel sink. You’ll never be cold in this Schoolie because a 3k Dwarf Wood Stove was installed with raw stone fireback and all stainless steel double walled stove pipes (removable top piece and cap included). Enjoy warming up with a nice cup of tea or coffee and a good book! Another benefit that comes with this Bus is the storage space! A floor to ceiling, large deep closet behind the driver’s seat, plenty of food storage underneath both butcher block counters, and even more underneath the convertible bench/bed. The firewood stove even has its own storage for wood and kindling.

What still needs to be done?
The sink needs to be hooked up, a few floor edges need coverings, cabinet doors for the open shelves, electrical hook ups and anything else you could dream of! It’s the perfect start for customizing your own Schoolie!

Why are we (Sarah and Matthew) selling our Short Bus Dream?
Due to a family members suddenly diagnosed with terminal cancer we recently moved back to California and have changed up our plans for the future.

This bus is located in Healdsburg just above Santa Rosa

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